Stone’s Cove Kitbar – a delightful find

The other day I made a wonderful discovery.

No it wasn’t gold in those hills, it was a new restaurant.

Both for me and for being new in town.  It was Stone’s Cove Kitbar, and I’ll explain kitbar in just a moment.  It is located  in Owings Mills  0 not far off 795.  I know the restaurant is in good hands because one of the key people is Tom Popp, who has run other local restaurants.  To be sure he keeps up the good work he has brought along his wife Liz, another key person from Bonefish.

Stone’s Cove is open seven days and this one is their second, the first being in Virginia.  It opened June 2013 and I have been hearing good things about it for many months.  I was just a little slow in getting there.  In the middle of the room is a wood stove oven used to cook many of the menu items.  Since I am a serious salmon eater I ordered the atlantic salmon en papillote.  But being the fussy eater that I am I asked for a few entrée modifications.  What I was prepared was perhaps one of the best salmon dishes I have ever had.  No exaggeration here.   It was grilled and placed on a salad with a great dressing and I was very happy.

shrimpThe menu does change with the season.  That means somewhere in June the summer menu will be unveiled.  Each staff member is trained in all aspects of a restaurant.  One day someone might be fixing salads, then another cutting meat and fish and then on to something else.  In other words, these folks are in the business as a career and not just killing time until another job comes along.  I think that gives each one of them a more dedicated attitude since in essence they are a part of everything and the success of the restaurant rests with each one.

The menu runs from appetapas (not a typo) like creole shrimp with johnnie cakes to roasted flatbreads like buffalo chicken and s’mores to current entrees like shrimp and grits, island hopper chicken kabobs and devil’s kissed torchiette pasta.  I have to mention the lobster cones and of course the always popular upside down meat loaf cupcakes.  One key to dining here is the principal of sharing.  There is also a fairly extensive wine list. Speaking of wine, Wednesday you can order a bottle for half price.

Not to be overlooked is Stone’s Cove commitment to the neighborhood.  Everyday 10 percent of sales goes to a local charity.  They strongly believe in being an integral part of the community.  That leads me to ‘do good things Sunday.’  It’s their way again to giving back to the community.   The happy hour is better known as Recess for Adults.  I haven’t experienced one yet, but I will.

The restaurant is definitely casual, reservations are a good idea on weekends, brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.  to 3 p.m., seating for about 100, on occasion cooking classes are offered and there’s plenty of parking.   For more information call 410-205-7430 or go

Before I go, I need to explain what a kitbar is.  It is basically a bar concept where guests are seated around a centrally located kitchen.  Now you know.