Staying at Home: Tips for the Coronavirus Crisis

Our everyday life is currently upside down: In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the world, public life is largely restricted: Schools and daycare centers are closed, we cannot go to the office and fitness studios, clubs, swimming pools, and yoga studios are also closed. We suddenly stay, study, and work at home – and receive one worrying message after another every minute. A few tips on how to survive the time at home as well as possible and spend it healthily will help.

Find yourself different forms of entertainment

Although Covid came as a huge shock for everybody, at least the world surrounding us is full of entertainment options. Regardless of whether it’s television, a good book or going online that’s interesting to you, there are many options to avoid boredom.

If you are a sports fan for example but can not go to your favorite games any longer, websites like  foxbet still provide ways to take part in your favorite sports events, even when no one is in the stadium.

Staying at home requires most of us to switch completely. It’s a real challenge for all of us who are active personalities, do sports or socialize a lot.

More so, it changes our possibilities of maintaining:

physical health

mental wellbeing

social interaction.

In addition, in times of home office and quarantine, the new rules require a lot of practical everyday organization. Lack of exercise, too little fresh air or poor nutrition as a result of the (self) prescribed quarantine are unhealthy in the long run. The corona crisis carries the risk of falling into an unhealthy lifestyle. We have a few tips on how you can protect yourself from this.

Exercise breaks in everyday life

While some of us are used to working online, most of us just are not prepared to sit in the same chair for hours on end. We recommend taking breaks with stretching.

Avoid accidents in the household

Even in “normal” everyday life, many household accidents happen every day. Now, during the restriction, these accidents are increasing. Many people feel safe at home and are too careless.

Pay attention to a healthy diet

Anyone who has to stay at home all day knows the problem: there is not enough exercise and the refrigerator is always within reach. Eating a healthy diet helps prevent stress and help you stay healthy.


Isolation and bans on contact can be very stressful. Stay informed and accept feelings: If you are in good contact with yourself, you will get through the Corona crisis better. And those who keep in touch with others are doing them and themselves a lot of good right now. Because especially in times of physical safety distance, social closeness and mutual support count more than ever.

Everybody home, careful now

In the corona lockdown, it is similar to public holidays. Everyone is at home, spends a lot of time together and can get annoyed more quickly. The house blessing can easily get to trouble – especially when there are fears and worries about health, the workplace and about relatives or friends who could get sick or are alone.

The experts’ prognoses seem to be correct: In families where there has been domestic violence for a long time, the situation tends to escalate in times of isolation. Most women, children and young people are affected. Now it is all the more important to pay attention to each other, take possible signals seriously and get help if necessary.


Feature Image by Sebastian Thöne from Pixabay