States moving to ban fake urine

Drug addicts have always used various tricks to beat the drug test. From using another person’s urine to diluting it with excess water intake, they always come up with some way or the other to pass the drug test.

One recent practice that is in vogue among drug addicts is to use fake urine. Fake urine or synthetic urine to be exact looks exactly like the natural urine and are available easily in stores or online. These are available by brand name “UPassTM”, “Xtream®”and “QuickFix®”, and “Magnum®”etc.

They come with hand warmers to give them the exact body temperature or can be put close to any warm body part to keep them warm. Women prefer to keep it in their bra while men keep it close to their crotch. The cost of fake pee is under $15.

While the manufacturers claim that the product is meant for pranks and novelty gift, it is highly being used by drug addicts and athletes to go undetected for the consumption of banned drugs or performance enhancing steroids. Some fake urine preparations are available in powder form and a step by step guideis provided to formulate the fake urine such as amount of water to be mixed and temperature for microwaving.

Synthetic urine is prepared using different constituents like creatinine, uric acid, urea, ammonia, proteins, sulphates, metabolites and yellow pigment to give it the appearance of normal human pee and pass the standard analysis tests. The ph and specific gravity is adjusted to match the human urine.

A fake urine brand called “Subsolution®” has shown boomed sales for it proves to be the life saver for the cheaters. It contains all the essential components, specific gravity, pH and appearance to mimic human urine.

It also gives froth when agitated just like real human pee. The most important feature it has is it comes with a special heat activator powder that gives it the desired temperature at the time of submission of sample for drug test. With this heat activator powder you don’t have to worry about getting caught due to cold or overheated sample a common problem with hand warmers.

The acceptable range of temperature while submitting the sample is 90°-100°F. Heat activator powder allows one to get that range. All you have to do is add a pinch of powder and shake it, then watch the temperature strip, if still short of range add a little bit more of it.

It is very difficult to screen fake pee from the natural as the former shows all the desired properties that one would expect from a healthy person’s urine. It readily passes the standard urine analysis and even the twelve panel screen test. The manufacturers take special care that their product shows the acceptable levels of creatinine, uric acid and BUN content.

This fake pee attracted the attention of state lawmakers when its sale boomed in recent times. Mississippi representative, Mr. Willie Bailey, highlighted this particular issue by proposing a bill called “Urine Trouble Act” in order to embark on the case of safety-sensitive workforce of industries like manufacturing and transportation using fake urine evade drug test.

No less than seventeen states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Utah has legislation pending for banning the sale and use of fake urine.

Laboratoriesare now employing validity test to ensure the urine specimen submitted for testing is real human urine and not the tempered one. Another way to detect the use of fake urine is to diversify the drug testing program like collecting oral fluid, blood sample and hair specimen along with urine to discourage the potential cheaters

A better alternative to fake urine is using detox drinks or detox pills as some of the laboratories make you pull down your pants in front of them and watch to ascertain if the person is providing a fake sample or natural urine. Detox drinks like Qcarbo32, Rescue clean, Ultra Eliminex and Magnun are highly in demand and help one to flush out the drug remains from the body.