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Sono Bello Reviews the Brazilian Butt Lift

One procedure that seems to be getting increasingly popular is the so-called Brazilian butt lift. Many clinics, including Sono Bello, often based in and around Baltimore, MD, offer this procedure. A brief review of studies, reviews, and helpful comments on the amp show that the Brazilian butt lift comma if done properly comma is something many people enjoy. Here, Sono Bello reviews exactly what this treatment is, what it entails, and the applicable do’s and don’ts of this procedure.

Sono Bello Reviews the Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is one procedure that is part of what is known as body contouring. It is one of the newest types of procedures and is quickly becoming one of the most popular as well. Indeed, statistics show that no other plastic surgery procedure is growing as rapidly as this one. During the Brazilian butt lift, fat is extracted from one part of the body, such as the thighs, hips, or stomach, and this is then put back into the buttocks area, thereby making the entire figure more attractive. It is one of the most advanced types of treatment that is part of body sculpting, which is essentially an effort to make bodies more beautiful and desirable.

What makes this procedure so unique is that there is no need for any implants and that it uses the fat cells of the patient’s own body in order to make themselves look fuller in certain parts, mainly the butt, and thinner in other parts.  The procedure starts with fat being extracted from problem areas of the body through liposuction.  This fat is then sent refused and cleaned so that the living and dead cells are separated by period the remaining material is then injected back into the body in the buttocks area, using small cannulas. This means that there are no scars afterward either. How much fat is injected depends entirely on what the patient would like to achieve and how much natural fat they have available to extract.

 Because only smell cannulas are used comma very little discomfort is associated with the procedure. However, it is recommended that people do not sit directly on the injection site for a three week period.  The result is impressive.  So long as people stick to their postoperative regiment, their new butt will look beautiful for quite a long time as well.

 Of key importance is the fact that come out because the person’s own fat cells are used, there is much less risk of rejection. Over time, the body will absorb some of the injected fat cells, which is why the results are not 100% permanent.  However,  a good physician will be fully open and transparent about this, ensuring that there are patients develop realistic expectations of the ultimate result of there procedure. Anyone who is considering liposuction and who is also unhappy with the size and shape of their butt, may want to consider a Brazilian butt lift to help.

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