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Some Crucial Things to know about Charging your iPhone

Charging an iPhone is not a big deal, but finding the apt cable and hooking on to the right charger is essential. However, the latest variants as iPhone 8 and iPhone X are packed with may new charging features. Further, we will discuss a few things you need to know about charging the new iPhones.

Charging iPhone

The standard Lightning cable through USB port and default charges is same as that of the old iPhones, which will easily charge the new variants of 8 and X. The charging is done at usual 4.85Volt/0.95A. Using the standard charger, it will take nearly 2 hours to get an iPhone 8 fully charged. Charging of iPhone X may take about 3.5 hours to become full. The charging time of these variants is about 15 minutes quicker compared to the previous 7 and 7 Plus variants. The battery of the new models has gotten smaller and so the charging time.

Alternatively, it is also possible to charge your iPhone devices faster using the 24W charger, which is the default charger coming with iPad. The quick charge feature was first introduced with iPhone 6. If you don’t have an iPad or 24W charger, you can pick a good third-party charger. Quick power chargers may save up to 30 minutes to one hour on full charge time, which is ideal for those who need more frequent charging needs and have very little idle time to leave the phone back on charge.

However, regular charging is old-fashioned in new iPhone X, and eight as there are new features for better charging are coming packed with these variants. Wireless charging is the most user-friendly feature, which allows you to charge these iPhones using a Qi-compatible charging pad. Apple also released its charging pad named AirPower, which will allow the users to easily and quickly charge their iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, etc.

Some observations about the new feature of wireless charging as below:

  • Any silicone, rubber, plastic, or leather coverage don’t seem to affect wireless charging. However, it is noted that wireless charging is faster when the iPhone is put in a case.
  • The 15W wireless pads will charge faster than the bundled charger with the latest iPhones.

Wireless apple charger India is a much convenient option to charge iPhones. Instead of tangled cables, you just need to pop your iPhone on to the charging pad and instantly start charging. The latest iPhones from 8 onwards are compatible with Qi standard, which is more comfortable as there are many Qi wireless chargers available in the market.

However, you need not know that buying any random 15-watt charging pad may not work as desired as iPhones can take only 5W now. A software update is expected later this year which will further let iPhones also to take 7.5 watts. Buying a good 15W charger will not damage your phone, however, but your phone may take in the max 7.5W once the software update runs.

Apple doesn’t include the necessary accessories to enable fast charging. You have to buy an additional USB c to Lightning cables which are available in 1-meter, 2-meter options. You also have to get a good USB-C power adapter. The overview of the requirements Apple specifies on the support documentation for quick charging.

  • The adapter should be USB C Power Adapter of 29W/61W/87W.
  • Need to use a compatible USB-C power adapter (third party) which support USB-PD (USB Power Delivery)

By using a good USB-C Power Adapter and compatible cable of USB-C to Lightning, you can get your iPhone 50% charged in 30 minutes.

Fast charging USB cables

Fast charging is also possible through wired chargers, for which you may need a good USB-C to lightning charge cable. However, you shouldn’t buy any cheap USB-C to Lightning cable for this purpose. Always stick to the original Apple cable, and if not, use one which is of good quality. Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable costs about $25, and you can also get the 2-m long one at $35.

As far as the USB-C chargers are considered, you can either go for Apple USB-C charger or any other standard charger which Power Delivery compatible. You may also make use of any good power bank which supports Power Delivery for fast charging of your iPhone.

USB-C charging of iPhone X and8:

  • It’s fast! iPhone X or 8 may get charged to 50 percent in just about 30 minutes.
  • Fast charging works the best when the iPhone is in locked status. However, the charging speed gets affected a little on using the handset during charging. So, it’s better not to fiddle the phone if you want a quick charge.
  • There is no unusual heating on iPhone when fast charging, so you can comfortably use it.
  • When charge goes up to 80 percent, iPhone will automatically switch to regular charging mode to finish charging.

Apart from the cost of USB-C to Lightning cable by Apple, fast charging is the ideal option for iPhone X and 8, whereas wireless charging is good over overnight charging or charging handset during the daytime.


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