Social Security Cuts: Baltimore’s AFL-CIO Fred Mason is ‘Mad as Hell’

Activists formed a human chain Tuesday at the Social Security Headquarters in Woodlawn, Baltimore to say “no” to cuts in benefits.

The Obama-Biden administration put on the table “Chained CPI,” to appease some suspect the wirepullers on Wall Street. But activists say it will hurt folks on Social Security and aid the notoriously greedy 1 percent Gang.

The plan’s purpose is to cut Social Security benefits by “letting inflation eat into annual cost-of-living increases.”

One of the speakers at the rally was Fred D. Mason. He’s president of the Maryland State and D.C. AFL-CIO. Mason said that people in this country are getting fed-up with politics that places unfair burdens on working class people and the retirees. He said The Chained CPI will take “$300 billion on more” out of Social Security.

Fred Mason
Fred Mason

Mason added: “I’m mad as hell…The people are getting mad as hell, too, and they aren’t going to take it anymore…It’s time to stand-up and fight back.”

The rally was sponsored by the “Alliance for Retired Americans.”

Meanwhile, gofers in Congress for the super-rich/Wall Street Banksters, are permitting the 1 percent Gang to get away with not paying their fair share of taxes and letting them hide their massive assets in off-shore accounts.

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