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Snow Melting Mats vs Cables – Which to Choose for a Heated Driveway

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Snow shoveling, salting, and manual snow removal is not something anyone wants to be caught doing in the middle of a blizzard. Hiring a snow plowing service may not be viable because of the costs associated with the option. Installing a snow melting system is the best solution for any driveway. The best time to install these systems is when your ground is not frozen. Installation is typically done in the months of spring, summer, or fall.

If you have made up your mind to install this system, you will be faced with the tough decision of choosing between snow melting mats and cable. Your contractor will want to know the kind of electric heating system you would like to install. But which snow melting systems Toronto should you choose?

A quick review of snow melting mats and cables

To better understand which option to go with, it is imperative that you review each option independently. Knowing how the two differ will help you make the most informed choice.

Snow Melting Mats

  • Straightforward and faster to install than the cables
  • A great option for rectangular or square projects such as walkways and driveways
  • Designs for optimal spacing for even heating

Snow Melting Cables

  • Cheaper to install than snow melting mats. They, however, require more time to install.
  • Designed for flexibility, which makes them ideal for outdoor stairs and circular driveways.
  • Can be designed with varying spacing to increase or decrease watts per square foot.
  • You have more voltage options (120, 240, 208, 277 VAC).

There are key major differences between snow-melting mats and cables. These differences are in terms of labor, price, and flexibility. Your driveway layout and budget will help you make the right choice.

Snow Melting Mats

The snow-melting mats are made up of a cable that is embedded in a mesh roll. This makes it easy to install because you simply roll out the mesh to cover the desired area. This option guarantees proper spacing. It is easy to install but comes with a higher price tag. The rectangular shape of the mesh makes snow melting mats harder to install around curves.

Snow Melting Cables

This is the most affordable snow melting system out there. It is known for its flexibility and can be used in a circular driveway or long winding walkways. The downside is it is labor-intensive. The spacing is also not set, so the heating may vary.

For a free quote on either snow melting mats or cables, contact Heavenly Heat. We have the best snow melting systems in Toronto.

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