Sky Ferreira’s Ghost shows Blondie’s influence

When I first watched Sky Ferreira’s new music video for “Lost in My Bedroom” featured on Pitchfork, I figured she was just another product created by a major record label deeming her the new electropop star for all the upcoming tweens.

Her voice doesn’t necessarily match her stunning and young appearance in which I was sure that with the help of modern technology and audio engineers had helped create her flawless vocals. Not to mention the music video was gritty and reminiscent of a homemade video of a depressing house party which I guess these days could be considered “hip” and “artsy”.

However, as much as I judged Sky Ferreira on her new single I thought it was incredibly entertaining and I decided to listen to the entire EP, Ghost.

Ghost turned out to be an amazingly diverse five song EP starting off with my favorite, “Sad Dream”. Instead of another pop song it begins with the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar and Sky Ferreira’s mature and doleful lyrics.

One of her biggest influences being Blondie, is most notable in “Red Lips”, completely stepping away from the elcetropop sound that she seems to be most known for, which later returns in “Everything is Embarrassing”.

Yet, “Red Lips” is uninhibited and almost angry. According to Sky Ferreira, her full length album, which is said to be releasing sometime early in 2013, will have more of this Blondie-esque sound.

One of the more interesting facts about her is that she grew up with Michael Jackson and spent holidays with him. She also began taking opera lessons at thirteen to refine her voice, which would explain her sophisticated voice.

After releasing self-produced music on myspace, just before her fifteenth birthday, she contacted swedish producers Bloodshy and Avant. The producers happened to be very impressed with her and began working with her on her music career. Now at age twenty she is being featured on Grey’s Anatomy and creating quite a buzz on the internet.

Here is a link to my favorite Sky Ferreira song, “Sad Dream”. I also encourage you to check out “Lost in My Bedroom” so you can see how truly diverse she is.