Sirius XM to Pay $25 Million in Do Not Call List Class Action Settlement

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A Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action settlement has forced American broadcasting company Sirius XM to fork out $25 million for placing multiple calls to individuals under their internal Do Not Call List as well as the National Do Not Call Registry.

A lawsuit subsequently filed against the satellite radio broadcaster by Thomas Buchanan on March 2017 stated that Sirius XM placed telemarketing calls to consumers under both the National Do Not Call Registry and the company’s own Do Not Call Lists.

In doing so, Sirius XM reportedly violated the TCPA, a federal law that protects consumers from unprofessional telemarketing practices such as harassment. Under the act, consumers who had willingly enrolled onto the National Do Not Call registry or requested to be placed on a company’s do not call list, were protected.

The settlement will benefit individuals who match the following criteria:

  • Must have received MORE THAN ONE call from Sirius XM within a year between October 16, 2013, and April 26, 2019.
  • Must have been listed on the National Do Not Call Registry or on the company’s Do Not Call List at least 31 days before the incident.

Sirius XM has refused to acknowledge any harm done on their part, but have accepted to pay the $25 million settlement to avoid the stress and expense of further litigation. The company claims that paying the settlement is not an admission of guilt nor a confession to wrongdoing.

Possible Awards to Affected Individuals

Due to the large volume of people affected by this oversight, the settlement will not amount to much once it is disbursed. Affected individuals will be eligible for a cash reward of $12 or three months free access to the radio broadcaster’s All Access Subscription bouquet.

There will be no proof required, but any claims filed will be under penalty of perjury and will reflect poorly on eligible Class Members. This means you should only file your claim if you’re certain that you meet the specified criteria.

Cash Payment and Free Subscription Package Deadlines

The deadline for filing a claim for the cash payment, which amounts to $12, is October 8, 2019. Class Members wishing to receive the free subscription package instead will have to file a valid claim before the end of December 22, 2019.

The deadline for those wishing to file for exclusion and objection is also October 8, 2019, and the settlement’s approval hearing has been scheduled for November 7, 2019.

How to File a Claim Online

If you’re eligible for an award, then you need to file your claim before the specified deadlines. You can file your claim online by heading over to the official Sirius XM DNC Settlement website ( where you will get access to all the important dates, frequently asked questions and their answers, court documents in the buildup to the approval hearing, and a Spanish version of the class notice.

You will also be able to file for either the $12 reward or the 3-month free all-access package subscription and get tips and useful instructions to file a claim successfully.

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