Signs Your Online Relationship Will Never Enter The Real World

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Dating websites are more popular than ever, with more and more singles discovering the convenience of connecting with partners in the virtual world. As well as offering a great deal of choice, online dating can provide 24/7 access to your account, whether you want to check messages or just browse. But nothing is guaranteed, and not every relationship instigated on the Internet will make a successful transition to the offline environment. Here are the classic signs your online relationship just won’t make it to the real world.

There’s a lot of talk about busy calendars

There could be any number of concerns which cause you to find out a particular Internet contact is questionable, but chief amongst these is the content of their conversation. Do they include your own activities in the discussions, or is everything focused on what they’re getting up to? If you get the impression they are forever bragging about the multiple different things they get up to within their cluttered diary of events, are you getting the distinct impression you might not necessarily fit into this schedule?

There are always last-minute excuses about a date

The ultimate aim of any online relationship is arranging to get together in the real world. Alarm bells should ring if the person you are interested in keeps on calling off the arranged rendezvous at a moment’s notice. Do these excuses sound increasingly far-fetched? When do you receive the phone call to cancel – perhaps you receive a perfunctory text when you are already on the bus. This is all symptomatic of someone who is not really committed to an actual relationship.

There are clues indicating they’re not as single as they say

In the modern world, it’s easy to ‘check’ someone’s background by looking into other aspects of their social media. Perhaps you notice someone who always seems to be close by in photographs? During online conversations, do they ever call you by the wrong name? Do they constantly repeat snippets of conversation, giving the impression you are not the only person they are sharing this personal information with?

There’s an imbalance in this relationship

It can be relatively easy to get the impression the intense feelings you might have for somebody are not reciprocated. An obvious indicator would be to drop the L-bomb – that is, announce your feelings for them have progressed to the genuine sense you are falling in love with them. If this bold statement isn’t repeated right back at you, then it will hang in the air like an awkward fog, clouding everything else.

They’re still updating their dating profile

You should get alarmed if you alight on someone’s profile and instead of the charming photograph which first inspired you to get in touch, they’ve replaced it with one or more updated images, and very flattering ones, too. You’d need to ask yourself the question, if they’re in a contented relationship, why would they feel the need to appear as attractive as possible to any newcomers who might be surfing through the online descriptions? Are they doing this for your benefit? That’s quite doubtful. It’s more likely they’ll be doing it for other site users.

When you call their bluff, they’re blasé

If, in the end, you have any genuine causes for concern, what happens if you summon the courage to actually confront them about it? It will be difficult to move things on if they flatly deny anything untoward. On the other hand, an even worse scenario would be if they admitted they’ve been having doubts and then compound the hurt by demonstrating not the remotest glimmer of contrition.


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