Should You Move Your Company’s Office?

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Is your company getting too big for its current location? Then you may be thinking about relocating your offices. But making the big move is a ton of work and expensive. Should you pull the trigger or wait?

We’ve done the research and have some tips to help you decide if it’s time to move. If you decide it’s a go, make sure you do plenty of research before choosing a moving company to help you relocate your company offices.

Needs Analysis

When you’re thinking about a move, it’s critical to analyze your company’s current requirements. What do you need to have successful operations, office space, geographic location, technology, company image, and conveniences?

Review Your Current Office

Before you call moving companies, carefully consider your current offices’ state. Does it meet all of your demands? If it lacks some conveniences and features, perhaps a refurbishment or remodeling will suffice instead of moving to an entirely new location.

Relocation Costs

Relocating your company is expensive. You’ll need to pay for the lease for the new space or spend a lot more on building a new office to your specifications. And there are other costs to consider:

  • Real estate legal fees
  • Higher lease
  • Installation of IT equipment
  • Downtime when your company can’t operate

It’s important to consider all the costs of moving your office before deciding to do it.

Facilities At The New Office

As you are looking at new offices, you should keep a checklist to keep track of the amenities of the various spaces you’re considering. Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you look at new offices:

  • Parking and access to metro
  • Secure building access at any time
  • Adequate restrooms and kitchen
  • IT services and facilities for cabling and data, servers, and communications
  • Food choices for clients and staff
  • Recreational and fitness activities

New Location

There could be many benefits at a new office location: new like-minded business neighbors, improved amenities that lead to better employee morale, shorter commute times, and modern office design and layout.

Perform an analysis of your current offices to see if they meet your desires and needs. This analysis can help you determine if you might be better off with a remodel or a new space in the same location.

Business Impact 

Moving your company will have a temporary impact on your company’s operations. But if you have planned your move well, it should positively impact your business over the long run. You should enjoy enhanced employee performance, more staff motivation, and pleased clients.

Be sure that deciding to relocate your offices positively affects your company. Otherwise, you may wonder if the ordeal was worth it.

Tips To Move Your Offices

Once you’ve decided to make a move to a new space, below are essential items to get done before moving day:

  • Transfer electricity, water, Internet, and other utilities. Turn them off the day after your office move, and, of course, make sure they are on in the new office.
  • Announce your move: Create a PR campaign to tell the public that you’re moving. You can tell the public with news releases, but send letters to your customers and business partners. Don’t forget to change the contact information on your website.
  • Create a labeling system and packing guidelines: Getting everything packed and labeled in an organized fashion is vital to an orderly move.
  • Inventory and put tags on all equipment, furniture, and office supplies.
  • Archive and back up old files.
  • Buy new business cards and stationery.
  • Establish security protocols for the move, being careful with company data and documentation.
  • Submit applications for any moving or parking permits

With all of this information, you’ll be sure to have made the right decision on whether to move, and you’ll be set up for success if you decide to take the plunge.

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