Shipping Ice Cream Cones: What’s in a Label?

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There are so many labels in which to choose. Those wishing to customize a label for an ice cream cone business now have the option to decide just how they wish their labels to be printed. Since this is a product that is best when shipped in bulk, the best suggestion would be to use shipping labels when packing them off.

There are several labels to choose from when looking to ship ice cream cones:

  • Dymo Labels

  • Laser Labels

  • Shipping and Handling Labels

  • Zebra labels

Dymo Labels: High Standards, Many Sizes

Whether you’re looking to deliver or distribute, the Dymo label comes in many sizes. They can display a barcode that is easily scanned during the shipping process. They also include the following:

  • The name of your customer;

  • Their address;

  • The contents inside.

They come in foam pouches or rolls. They can be sent from your device or computer to a printer.

Dymos are also used to label folders and can be versatile enough for a variety of other professional uses.

Laser Labels: No App Required

Laser labels, otherwise known as sheet labels, need no app because there is no downloading any apps to worry about. They come on a sheet of 1 to eighty blanks and can be used for any of the following:

  • Personal addresses;

  • Postage;

  • Contents and weight of the package.

Plus, you can design your own labels anywhere from your mobile device. All you have to do is download templates from the enKo website. There is no app required.

So what is shipping and handling labels good for?

Since ice cream cones are a food commodity, its quite possible that the manufacturer would need to box them up in bulk in order to be sent out to independent distributors. In order for shipping labels to be effective in the process of mailing any product, however, the following features need to be included when printing them

  • The return address and name of the sender;

  • The name and address of the person or organization who is receiving the product;

  • The package’s tracking or routing number;

  • An identifier that tells the mail carrier or package handler whether the product is to be shipped by regular or priority mail.

  • What the product being shipped out is (i.e. ice cream cones)

  • Any further instructions as to how the product should be delivered.

Most of what’s read on the label should be blatantly clear to the point where no further explanation is needed. If a package gets lost in the mail for any reason, the sender’s address provides just enough information so that UPS or the post office can send it back immediately if needed.

Zebra Labels: Good for all occasions

Zebra labels are versatile for a variety of purposes: they are useful as shipping labels, company receipts, and coupons. So if you’re looking to offer 10% off of the ice cream cones you’re about to sell, the zebra label set is the product for you to consider.

From enKo, you can find any type of label just to suit your shipping needs. In this case, since you happen to be shipping out ice cream cones, there is the possibility that you may want to order specialized inventory labels that can help in keeping up with the amount of ice cream cones being shipped from the warehouse to the vendor.

Your label can be anything

According to enKo, what you print on your label need not be restricted to traditional ideas of what “should” go on it. For instance, when you print out your shipping label, you can customize a special message thanking your customers for their orders.

You can also include other contact information, such as your email address, the company’s website, or the company’s contact number. In some cases, you may even be able to include the package’s routing number near the barcode.

Adding barcodes to any labels are also good in the sense that they can make the order easier to scan during shipment and add a nice, clean professional touch. You can even use warnings on packages that given specified handling instructions for cases where the contents are fragile. There are some that carry warnings with the label “Handle With Care.”

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