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Shiftsmart Leverages Online Marketplace to Streamline COVID-19 Vaccine

Scheduling and Staffing Expertise is Shot in the Arm for Vaccine Coordination

According to April 13th data from the CDC, 75,322,283 Americans are fully vaccinated, which represents 22.7 percent of the country’s population. A persistent problem for many major U.S. cities in 2021 is managing the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. These cities are tasked with providing residents with vaccination opportunities as quickly and efficiently as possible, while avoiding issues with appointment registration, scheduling, and inoculation inefficiencies. Shiftsmart’s online marketplace is ideally suited to improve the vaccination process with their large labor network streamlining all aspects of registration and vaccine distribution.

Shiftsmart provides dynamic solutions for workers and companies. By building resilient networks of people that power their communities, they are able to amplify opportunities, increase productivity, and lower-income volatility. Fortuitously, the company’s core mission is an ideal synergistic fit with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to a breadth of diverse communities. Shiftsmart’s technology marketplace connects a dynamic workforce to local organizations and government agencies tasked with distributing the vaccine to populations who seek it.

As of mid-March, Shiftsmart successfully staffed 20 vaccination sites, and responded to more than 1,000 calls per hour from residents who had questions and/or needed assistance with appointment registration and scheduling.  Trained, experienced workers gave residents who had limited technology access or experience an opportunity to reserve an appointment and move forward with obtaining their vaccination.

With many states expanding vaccine availability for additional populations, the demand for appointments continues to surge.  Shiftsmart’s scalable online marketplace is positioned and prepared to serve as many communities as needed.  The company has trained and mobilized their workforce in multiple cities and sites in less than 48 hours.  Core services provided to vaccination centers include inbound call center staffing for scheduling as well as tech support to help residents navigate city-specific platforms. Also, onsite staff was provided to perform multiple duties: crowd management, on-site tech support to resolve problems, and in-person scheduling of second dose appointments.

Shiftsmart is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of vaccine distribution centers, as well as other businesses and organizations, because of its network of more than 400,000 professional and dedicated workers. By providing their technology and human capital, Shiftsmart is able to double the speed of vaccination registration, while improving accuracy and user satisfaction. Shiftsmart’s proprietary online marketplace can integrate with other technology platforms as needed, and the company’s unique staffing model allows them to add workers dynamically in response to fluctuating demand. By adding efficiency and speed to the vaccination process, they are also providing workers with opportunities for better pay and increased hours.

Shiftsmart’s collaboration with organizations and agencies for the coordination, registration and distribution of vaccines is a natural extension of the company’s mission to provide expertise, efficiency and empathy in devising solutions for their clients’ complex problems.

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