Seehaus and Chinesischer Turm beer gardens Munich, Germany

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The Englischer Garten in Munich, as well as being a great place to sunbath naked and surf, is home to a few beer gardens, the best of which are Seehaus and Chinesischer Turm. Agent M and I hit both of them, and while we preferred the quiet, laid back atmosphere of Seehaus, the rowdy Chinesischer Turm (which is the second largest beer garden in Munich) was a lot of fun. Both places had a pretty wide food selection including Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick, which looks disgusting), Hendl (roasted Cornish Game Hens), Schweinshaxn (roasted pork knuckle), shaved radishes, and a variety of salads. The non-mayo potato salad at Chinesischer Turm was particularly good.

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