Safety First: Innovation in Auto Hooks

Large machinery is necessary to accomplish many tasks. From building on large construction sites to towing cars, machinery is necessary. These are also some of the most dangerous activities to participate in. Many people spend their entire career dealing with cranes and heavy materials. The hooks on these cranes must be incredibly strong and reliable. Even with proper safety equipment, a heavy piece of metal could easily harm a worker. The hook is the part that holds on to everything that is lifted. It is pertinent that it closes properly and remains in this position while items are lifted.

No Hands

Many hooks are manually operated. A person must get up close to position and lock them. This can put workers in a compromising position. The equipment, however, has been the same for many years. Manually operated hooks may pose a threat to safety, yet they do ensure accuracy when on the job. In order for technology to take over this operation, it must be extremely precise.Elebia auto hooks have made the remote operation of hooks a reality. There is now no reason for construction workers to put themselves in harm’s way. They can control their crane hooks with the push of a button.

Magnetic Field

These new hooks are more than a robotic piece of machinery. They are made to work with the materials used in the profession. The use of a magnetic field allows the hook to bring the rigging gear item into place. This works with a variety of commonly used items, such as master links and slings. Once the hook has been observed to be in the right position, the operator can simply press a button to close the hook. This is all done while remaining a safe distance away from heavy items. There is minimal room for error, as sensors let you know when everything is in the right place. The magnets in question are placed in a strategic position throughout the device. These are neodymium permanent magnets that work together in bringing the desired link into position.

The Extras

There is always the fear of any hook coming undone while holding a load. This is when people can get hurt. The remote control option ensures that no one needs to be close enough to get hurt. However, if a hook were to come undone there is another safety feature.

The hook can only release a certain amount. The hook must be in a certain position for it to release a load. This cannot happen while transporting a load in the air. For even more lifting accuracy, a weight mechanism can be added to the hook. This can help workers keep track of the details.

Safety is improving on job sites as technology advances. Construction workers often work on dangerous sites for many years. Each safety mechanism that is implemented is helpful in reducing their injury risk. Take the time to learn more about the unique magnet system of these innovative new hooks.