Retiring in Baltimore can be a Great Option for Seniors

Retirement can be a stressful and delicate topic for many seniors as they reach a certain phase in their lives. For most older adults, their ability to retire of course all comes down to dollars and cents and whether or not it makes sense, financially for them to take this next step in their lives. One of the great things about Baltimore is that this charming (it is called Charm City after all) waterfront city is actually quite affordable, especially when compared to cities such as New York or San Francisco. Even seniors who wish to venture out from the city limits and live in one of the suburbs of Baltimore will find that cost of living is rather reasonable as Maryland’s overall cost of living is 10% lower than the national average.

In addition to the cost savings, Baltimore was recently ranked as one of the 10 best U.S. Cities for healthy retirement. It received this honor for its ability to help provide service and support that retirees need in order to enjoy a happy and healthy life. This should come as no surprise as Baltimore not only has a relatively affordable cost of living, but they have a high number of senior residents and some of the country’s best health care facilities such as world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Many people love retiring in Baltimore, not only for the perks and amenities this city offers (plus, Baltimore is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years) but because of its location. There is a lot of public transportation in Baltimore city and easy public transport to nearby Washington D.C. In fact, seniors can get on a train and explore all that the nation’s capital has to offer in less than an hour, all while living in Baltimore where housing prices are a fraction of the cost. Baltimore is also close to neighboring Annapolis and is just 30 minutes from the state’s capital. This is a fun, senior-friendly town with plenty to do and a fun waterfront location. In short, seniors who choose to retire in Baltimore will never run out of things to do.

According to the experts at SeniorAdvice, Baltimore also has a strong SeniorScore. The company has their SeniorScore tool available to help look at different features in a city that make it more, or less, ideal for retirement. This includes health and safety, recreation and leisure opportunities, finances, and a general quality of life. Factors like this can all contribute to a person’s overall retirement experience. Using the SeniorScore tool, retirees can also look at different amenities available around Baltimore such as proximity to hospitals and healthcare and churches. For more information on how the SeniorScore tool works and on how different cities stack up, visit