Resources you need to succeed: 4 Tools for small businesses

Most people think that the success of a small business hinges largely on having a good idea. If you’ve got a compelling plan and the skills to execute it, you’ve got it made. But while having a great idea is important, it’s not the be-all, end-all of small business success. No, to thrive, what you really need are the right tools.

If you’re considering launching your own business or, you want to give your existing operation a boost, these 4 tools will help you stand out from the competition. From websites to workspace, these shifts have the potential to transform how we work.

Better Website Building

In our digital economy, people make a lot of decisions about who to do business with based on their website, so yours better look good. Take your time crafting a quality website – think quick load times, attractive graphics, and mobile compatibility. All of these features, combined with forceful messaging that encourages potential clients to act, will help drive conversions.

Precise Project Management

Whether you work alone or your business employs a small team, communication and planning are top priorities. That’s why you need to choose suitable project management software. There are many free options available today that can help you organize your personal tasks, as well as versions that can help you coordinate across departments, assign work, and monitor progress.

As you grow, you may find you want to invest in a paid project management program that tracks productivity and other metrics, but early on the free programs should be more than sufficient.

What’s In A Workplace?

One of the advantages of operating a small business is that you can usually be flexible about your workspace. Unless you meet with clients on the premises, you don’t even really need an office. That being said, a lot of people struggle to work from home, while the cost of renting office space and buying equipment may be out of reach for new businesses. That’s why coworking spaces are great.

Coworking spaces offer a variety of office options and amenities, that make them perfect for small businesses. For example, at Novel Coworking’s Madison location members have access to private offices and conference rooms, high-speed internet, mail service, and even in-house coffee bars. If you’ve found that working from home eats away at your productivity or that you need an option that allows you to bring your whole team together, at least on occasion, a coworking space may be right for you.

Become A Master Marketer

Marketing is essential to business success – it’s how you reach new clients and grow your operation, and you don’t need to hire a team of professionals to do it well on a small scale. No, all you really need is the appropriate suite of marketing programs, such as Hootsuite for social media, Mailchimp for your mailing list, and graphic design programs like Canva for producing great visual content. Doing marketing well will always cost a little money, but you’ve got to spend to earn and there’s no better place to invest your funds than outreach.

Small business owners are limited by their funds, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make a big splash. By making use of all-inclusive or low-cost solutions, or seeking out the many free business tools available online today, you can reach your goals.