Reasons Why Doing Online Surveys Are Becoming A Trend

Surveys have always been an integral part of collecting information, from the halls of the academe to the competitive world of business. Companies have to collect a large amount of data to observe trends in their industry. With the fast-paced culture of the digital age, information specialists and market analysts have to keep up with consumer insights. One way of keeping up is to do online surveys.

However, doing online surveys is not exactly new. Companies have long been putting information gathering sheets on their websites, hoping to collect data about customers. But why did online surveys really take off? What sets online surveys apart from the prior attempts of traditional survey forms?

Read on to find out why online surveys are becoming a trend.

1. Convenient

Nowadays, most online survey forms come in templates. All you need to do is type in the question, and provide a selection of answers or add a text field for the respondent. Gone are the days of having to write everything down with pen and paper, or code a survey page for yourself. Everything is available at a mouse click.

Moreover, since everything is online now, you don’t have to go through the trouble of mailing surveys to possible clients. You can simply email the survey or embed it somewhere on your website.

2. Easy To Access By Both Participants And Data Gatherers

In line with the popularity of mobile devices, it has become easier for people to connect to the Internet. This means that respondents can now answer surveys at the time of their choosing, rather than having to do it on the spot.

Businesses can now understand their customers better. They only need to send the survey link to potential respondents and wait for an app or software to collect the data for them. No more chasing down unwilling participants for surveys. Even if a business only gets a portion of the surveys they sent out, they can send out as many as they want from the comforts of their office desk.

3. Customizable For Targeting A Wide Audience

Online survey forms can be customized to make it more comprehensive. You can plot out questions beforehand so the respondent is redirected to answer questions that are relevant to their choices. Doing this lets them skip those questions that might be unrelated to them. This is especially useful if the company has a wider demographic or is testing the waters.

4. Easy To Style And Brand

Most online survey sites and apps are now cross-platformed. They can be accessed via web browsers and mobile phones without compromising quality or breaking their formats.

That being said, it is easier to design and style your survey to project your brand. Online survey apps can become another form of advertisement for some companies. You can customize headers to include your logo, add product images, or insert short spiels to promote your services.

5. Targets The Right Respondents

While sending mass copies of the survey might let you collect more responses, a bit of targeted data gathering goes a long way. And with the advent of social media, it has become much easier to target focused groups for data gathering.

6. Enables Easier Analysis Of Data

The best feature of online surveys is that it can readily collect and collate data into useful information. Imagine seeing thousands of responses presented in one neat spreadsheet in a click of a button. Some survey platforms even instantly come up with ways to translate the data into graphs and charts. You no longer have to manually input the data into a spreadsheet or have someone do it, which means surveys save time, manpower, money.


If you want to understand your customers, you can use online surveys to gather insights. This way, you’ll be able to construct realistic expectations and make informed decisions.

Online surveys benefit both businesses and customers. On one hand, surveys allow businesses to learn about customer needs. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy product improvements made from the data collected. While market research can be done using other platforms, online surveys are trending because of the convenience it offers to both the surveyor and the respondent.