Reasons why businesses choose Staffing Agencies

Companies use staffing agencies to hire applicants on their behalf to fill the vacant positions on their teams and allow applicants to find a suitable career opportunity in their desired sector. It can be a full-time, part-time, contract-to-hire, or temp position.

Role of staffing agencies

Staffing agencies go through the references, assess resumes, shortlist applicants, conduct interviews, and onboard applicants on behalf of the employer. So, they work as staffing agency employee under the employer’s direction.

Irrespective of how exceptionally a company schedules its workers, staffing problems are bound to happen. It could be because of the absence of an employee, a new short-term project, or the need for overtime from workers. Regardless of the reason, an employer doesn’t have enough time to look for applicants.

With the help of a staffing agency, companies can hire employees. This helps them to maintain their focus on their business growth, and take on additional work without worrying about recruitment. Additionally, they can add and reduce staff as per their project need, without worrying about hiring and downsizing.

Below are some benefits of working with a staffing agency

Low overhead costs

Permanent employees are costly to hire and demand a full-time salary. Healthcare, sick leaves, holiday pay, and employer taxes are just some expenses that come with a permanent employee.

Choosing a temp staffing agency will help you avoid all these expenses. You only have to pay for the work that they do, without any overhead charges.

Low overtime pay

Instead of putting an additional workload on your permanent staff, a business can choose staffing agencies to bring in temp workers and split the work during peak season.

This saves the full-time employees from burning out and reduces the overtime pay of the employer.

Fulfill the need for short-term staff

An employer may onboard workers because of the absence of the members in their team, maternity leave, emergency leave, etc. Staffing agencies offer flexibility to businesses to schedule someone for any period they want.

Save time in training and limit hiring risks

Training new employees needs a good amount of time and money. Using a staffing agency for your hiring needs will help you avoid both. The staffing agency will immediately find an applicant that will meet your work needs smoothly.

Staffing agencies save your time and boost ROI

Often employers want resumes with special experience or certain expertise. The agency will meet your requirements and bring you the expert that you need by weeding through hundreds of resumes. Surely, all the hassle is easily avoided by the employer here.

Manages onboarding and payroll

A benefit of using a staffing agency is that it will handle the onboarding paperwork, interview, payroll tax, compensation, and other benefits linked with employment.

Access to a pool of talent

A staffing agency spends years developing its applicant network via networking, referrals, and personal contacts. An employer doesn’t have access to such a network of talent.

Quick hire

While an employer may need an immediate replacement, they don’t possess the resources to do it. A staffing agency can deliver talent in less than 24 hours because of its extensive network.