Ready for a big change? How to get your little one to wear their glasses

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Children are much more adaptable to change than we give them credit for. However, when a big change comes along and their confidence is rocked, it’s our responsibility to pick them up again and tell them everything will be ok.

Getting their first pair of glasses can be quite a daunting prospect. They may be excited about choosing their first-ever pair, but when it comes to wearing them in the playground or looking different to their peers, it doesn’t take much for doubt to start creeping in. Your child must wear their glasses so their learning isn’t affected and so they can see where they’re going, but if your little one is feeling anxious about their new eyewear, don’t worry.

Here we’ll explore how you can encourage your little one to wear their glasses.

Wear yours!

Do you wear glasses? If your child is going to choose their own frames, why not treat yourself to a new pair too? Retro frames, geometric styles, new rectangle glasses… the options online are limitless! By going through this process together you can show your child how exciting and important finding and wearing the right pair of glasses really is. And if they see someone they know and love wearing their glasses, they’ll be more inclined to put theirs on too.

Let them know they’re not alone!

Just like you wear your glasses, your child might take comfort from the fact that a lot of their favourite cartoon characters, heroes and influencers wear glasses too. Tony Stark, Clark Kent, the Falcon, not forgetting characters like Harry Potter and Velma from Scooby-Doo! Glasses are much more common these days and the styles have also evolved. Wearing glasses is pretty cool!

Make sure they understand why

If your child doesn’t understand why they need to wear their glasses, then they probably won’t appreciate how important they are. To stop them from being cast into the bottom of the toy box, have a chat with your little one and explain why they need glasses.

They’ll be able to see the ball better when they play soccer, they’ll be able to focus on the screen when they’re playing their favorite video game, activities like reading, writing, and studying won’t be as difficult. And if they’ve been suffering from eye strain or headaches, remind them that wearing their glasses will alleviate these issues.

Rewards will help!

When it comes to kids, a little encouragement goes a long way. So, consider something helpful like a reward or sticker chart to document and reward your child for wearing their glasses for certain lengths of time. Talk to their teachers and ask them to remind your little one to wear their glasses and then report back. Who knew that wearing glasses could be so much fun?

Final thoughts…

If you’re wondering if your child might need glasses, they’re complaining of headaches or they’re struggling at school, then make an appointment with an optometrist as soon as possible, then head online to find the perfect pair of frames!