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Rafi Kouyoumjian, the Hairstylist Making Every Day a Good Hair Day for Celebrities

Ever have a bad hair day, and you swear you run into everyone you know? That’s how it can sometimes feel for celebrities whose every move is being watched from the minute they step out of the house. Followed by cameras and smartphones, stars have the added pressure to look great every day at a moment’s notice, or suffer the photo evidence to come. Hairstylist Rafi Kouyoumjian understands this unique predicament and is making sure that celebrities have great hair, one big name at a time.

Born in Kuwait, Kouyoumjian currently resides in the UAE, where he is famous for being one of the country’s top hairstylists. “I believe great hair is all about expression, but it should always look natural,” he says. “It is about achieving an effortless mane that looks and feels great.” Rafi works hard at ensuring all his clients, celebrities included, achieve the look they want, leaving the worries of bad hair days behind.

Currently, an Artistic Designer at the Beauty Spot Lady Salon located at the world-famous Anantara Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Kouyoumjian’s clients fly in from all over the world to work with him. “It’s an honor,” he asserts. “Abu Dhabi is an incredible city that I love, so bringing in clientele from all different cultures and backgrounds makes my work worth it.” Celebrity and high-profile clients seek out Kouyoumjian’s services as he is well-known in elite circles as the ‘hair magician’, creating stunning looks, always with his clients in mind.

“Good hair starts with great care and working with a stylist who prioritizes your personal style and natural beauty,” he explains.  Kouyoumjian is all for bringing out a woman’s true beauty through an expertly created look, tailor-made just for her. Kouyoumjian is well aware that when a look isn’t forced it gives his clients the confidence that comes with having a good hair day, every day. “I definitely prioritize a personalized approach because so many of my clients are celebrities or high-profile individuals, and the pressure to always look great is always there,” says Rafi. “I want to bring a little more convenience to their lives.”

Considering he’s been at this for about 15 years, Rafi certainly knows what he is doing, and it is no wonder then that celebrities around the world trust him. “I know how demanding their schedules can be,” says Rafi. “I make myself available.” A real hair magician in every sense of the word, Rafi is ensuring camera-ready looks for his celebrity clients to take on each day with conviction.

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