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Product Review: Moringa Oil

Moringa, moringa – the bringer of joy!

Post-summer hair makes me want to cry. Brittle, dry and split ends. My hairdresser wants to cut it all off and make me start again, but I can’t do it!

Thankfully, I’ve found a little bottle of joy called Moringa Oil, which is also known as Ben Oil, and it’s working wonders on my hair!

moringaoilBen Oil is pressed from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera, known variously as the horseradish tree, Ben Oil tree, or drumstick tree. The oil is characterized by an unusually long shelf life and a mild, but pleasant taste.

Taste? Yes, you can also ingest it, and rub it on your face, which I’ve been doing this week too. My skin is SOFT and I feel RENEWED! It’s amazing stuff.

Traditionally used for cooking and in other food preparations. Moringa oil has tremendous cosmetic value and is used in body and hair care as a moisturizer and skin conditioner. It can be used for perfume base as a fuel and for oiling machinery. Moringa oil can also be used to produce soap.

Moringa oil is light and spreads easily on the skin. You only need the smallest amount. It is used for massage and aromatherapy applications.

I’m a Moringa oil convert!

In addition, I’ve been adding some Moringa ultimate micro-fine powder to my smoothies on a daily basis. Moringa contains more vitaimins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids and proteins than any other plant, and it is a natural ‘fuel’. I love it. It’s also caffeine free. So, if you invest if anything this Fall, hit up the Green Virgin website and get your mitts on some of the moringa products. They’ll rock your world J .


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