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President Trump & His Bible, the George Floyd Case, and How to Fix Baltimore City

At the moment, our America is in rough shape. How rough has it been you might ask? It has been so rough that our supposedly intrepid President, the one, the only, Donald Trump, has been periodically hiding out in a secret White House- bunker! No kidding.

The last world leader to hide out in a bunker was the demented, micro-mustache-wearing Fuhrer, himself – Adolf Hitler.

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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) literally took Trump to the woodshed over his wimpish response to the ongoing crisis. She roared about him: “He tucked his tail between his legs and hid in a bunker and allowed Rome to burn around him.”

Trump defended himself by saying that he went to the bunker, but only for an “inspection.” One Twitter writer responded: “Sure, that’s the same lame excuse my husband gave me after I found out he went out to a strip club. He said he was only there for an inspection.”

A rattled Trump then used a church within walking distance to the White House to stage photo-ops. One of his stunts included him standing alone holding up a Bible. What a classless act! The outcry against his revolting conduct has continued to grow louder.

Meanwhile, the country is still holding its breath after the barbaric murder of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis. The four white cops responsible for that cruel, senseless crime are now under indictment.

From Los Angeles to New York City to Atlanta, GA, as expected, demonstrations were held. Most were peaceful, some, sadly, were not. I am pleased the ones held in Baltimore City and environs, were mainly on the peaceful side of the equation.

When Trump threatened to ILLEGALLY use U.S. troops against protesters, he was sharply rebuffed. One former U.S. Marine General labeled his remarks, “incredibly disturbing.” Jim Mattis, his ex-Secretary of Defense, said of Trump, “He is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people.”

Michael Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called Trump’s recent visit outside of St. John’s Church, near Lafayette Square, “a stunt.” He added that he thinks Trump has a “disdain for peaceful protests, which will dangerously politicize the military against American citizens.”

A memo, dated June 2nd, from the current Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark Milley, to the armed forces reminded them of their oath to defend the Constitution and to serve the American people. This was seen as another slap at Trump and his repeated threat to use the military against demonstrators. This is also on the same day that police were firing smoke canisters and pepper balls into the crowd ahead of the evening curfew and just before Trump visited the church near Lafayette Park.

Shifting to Baltimore City: How can we really help it out? In Baltimore, we have this recurring horror story of black on black homicides. We need to face up to it. The stats for 2019 show there were 348 homicides. The city has been in the throes of a “deep increase in violent crime since 2015,” according to the latest reports.

As long as our America continues with its self-appointed, super-expensive role of “Global Cop” – nothing will really change in Baltimore or elsewhere. The U.S. War Machine,” since 2001, with conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria, plus the war being waged at home by the Department of Homeland Security, have cost taxpayers a staggering $4.79 trillion.” (

Our nation’s priority in spending has to be changed and it must be done – now. The preference should be to take care of our own people first – whether it’s in our ravaged “Inner Cities” or in our economically depressed states, such as West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. (

Along the same lines, Congress must stop giving billions of dollars away each year in foreign aid, especially to countries that don’t respect human rights. For struggling countries, well, that’s a different story altogether.

Let’s develop a mantra to focus the attention of the people and the politicians on the special needs of our struggling Baltimore. I suggest: “Congress – Put Our Cities and States – First!”

Finally, a note to the members of the U.S. Congress: “Wake-Up and do your duty before the entire system collapses.”

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