President Obama keep your word: Close Guantanamo Bay prison

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As part of a global day of action, a rally was held in Baltimore, Maryland on May 23. The human rights activists demanded that President Barack Obama keep his word. It was only a year ago that he promised in a major foreign policy speech to close the torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

The demonstration at University Parkway and St. Paul St. was one of 40 such efforts taking place in cities around the world, including eight countries. Many of the prisoners housed at Gitmo have been cleared for release. Some of the activists at the rally wore black hoods and orange jump suits.

Speaking on camera about the rally was Suzanne H. O’Hatnick of the Interfaith Action for Human Rights (IAHR).

To learn more go to Witness Against Torture.

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Human Rights activists take to the streets.
Activist Liz McAlister
Activist Liz McAlister
Activist Suzanne H O'Hatnick.
Activist Suzanne H O’Hatnick.