Preparing for the Bar Exam without going crazy

Once you’ve graduated from law school (and surviving the inevitable post-graduating party with friends and fellow graduates) it’s time to really buckle down and get to work. Meaning, reading more books in less time than you ever have before; watching so many tutorial videos it makes your head swim; and don’t forget to memorize by rote the answers to those millions of MBE questions. In other words — time to start prepping for your bar exam.

Act like you’re already a lawyer — be real — check the facts — don’t let unfounded fears and anxieties paralyze your resolve to win.

You may never face a bigger challenge in your legal career than passing the bar exam. So what? That’s part of our legal system, to make sure that only the strong and the smart survive the grueling ritual so they can prove they are competent to practice law. And since you’ve already graduated from law school you already know you’ve got what it takes to tackle the bar exam and master it. In other words, act like you’re already a seasoned attorney who’s faced down many a wily and brutal opponent already, and get going. As has been said many times before, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

This is no time to be a loner — nobody expects you to run the gamut alone — if you’re too proud to seek help you’re too dumb to be a lawyer in the first place.

Every reputable law school in the United States has some kind of academic advisor, usually in the Academic Support Office, whose sole job it to work with graduates in helping them to pass the bar exam. While the bar exam is pretty much the same in every state, there are some individual twists and turns, and so the advisor will be familiar with those and can guide you to the right study guides and aids to become a temporary expert on the subjects that are most likely to appear on your bar exam. An advisor functions as a mentor, a therapist, a cheerleader, and a resource guide. Don’t go it alone; the minute you’ve graduated, make an appointment with your school’s special bar exam advisor for that first shot of encouragement and wisdom that will help you stay motivated.

Before you spend big bucks on a bar review course, review this option

Before you invest in an expensive course (and remember, if it’s a cheap course it won’t do you a bit of good — you get what you pay for) take some time to review this option:

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