Preparing for a Trip in Baltimore: Important Tips

Films such as “The Silence of the Lambs”, “The X-Files”, the TV series “Wiretapping”, and “The Killing Department” were shot namely here, in Baltimore. One of the main symbols of the city is the Inner Harbor, near which the main attractions are located. Before the trip, you should carefully prepare for it.

Think of the car rental

Actually, car rental is a perfect way of movement for those tourists, who prefer to enjoy the convenience and the ease of movement during the trip.  Visiting Baltimore, apply to Payless car rental BWI airport. To rent a car you will need an international driving license and a credit card, as well as the passport and the minimum driving experience.  The service may be denied to persons under the age of 21 or to those who received rights less than two years ago. The car can be rented for a period of 1 to 58 days.

Those who expect to travel using a rented car with children should definitely rent special child seats. Surcharge for renting a chair will be small, but there will be a large fine for breaking the rule.

Be aware of the dangerous places in Baltimore

In recent years, Baltimore has become one of the most criminal cities in the United States. Do not try to appear in Ellwood Park, Sandtown-Winchester or in Berea. For the sake of your safety, we advise you to visit only tourist areas of the city, such as Little Italy, Fells Point, Federal Hill, Canton, and Mount Vernon.

The closer to the hotel the gastronomic institution is located, the higher the cost of meals will be. Tourists who expect to save on food, it is better to visit cafes and restaurants located in numerous shopping centers.

Know the most popular attractions

In Baltimore, there is a special route for tourists to the main attractions named Heritage Walk. Along its entire route on the sidewalk, you can see the bronze coinage “Heritage Walk”. Half of it is translated into some foreign language. A walking tour takes tourists back in time to the history of the city. You can walk along the Inner Harbor, visit the historic quarters of Little Italy, Jonestown, and also see the World Trade Center, the Baltimore Maritime Museum, the American Flag Museum, the Maryland Jewish Museum and other attractions. And the Payless rental company in its turn will take care of your comfort during the journey.

Visit Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum.

Meet some rules

In bars and restaurants, persons under the age of 21 may not order alcoholic beverages. Also, persons under 18 years old are not allowed to take part in cruises and field trips independently, assuming the presence of alcoholic beverages as an additional service.

Choose the best time to visit

It is better to go to travel around Baltimore with the arrival of spring, for those who are not particularly happy about hot days. A very pleasant trip will be also at the beginning of autumn, not very hot, but not cold either.

What to put in the suitcase?

Generally, everything depends on the season you are planning to go in and the period of your stay. However, Baltimore is famous for being quite a rainy city, so it is better to take with you some warm clothes, especially raincoats, and umbrellas. Don’t forget about all the necessary documents, and no less important things as a camera, sunglasses, earphones, charger, and money.

Advice! The most preferable way is to rent a car in Baltimore in advance! Thus, you can save your budget or even get a discount.