Popular E-Scooters Can Lead to Brain Injuries  

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Anyone who has spent time in a big city recently, such as Baltimore, has likely seen electronic scooters laying around. Often called e-scooters, these are convenient devices that are available for rent. Someone can pay for the scooter with a credit card or phone app then take the scooter where they need to go.

These scooters have many advantages. First, they run on electricity instead of gas. Therefore, they are great for the environment. Second, people don’t have to pay for parking when they use one of these e-scooters. Finally, these e-scooters allow someone to avoid traffic. They can be taken on the sidewalk, on the shoulder, or anywhere else they fit.

Sadly, this last category also serves to highlight one of the major problems with e-scooters. It isn’t entirely clear where these e-scooters are supposed to go. As a result, they can lead to serious injuries. If someone takes these e-scooters on the sidewalk and weaves through pedestrians, they can collide with someone, leading to serious injuries for themselves and others. In some cases, these injuries can lead to permanent complications.

If the e-scooter is taken on the road to avoid heavy pedestrian traffic, they expose themselves to the dangers of motor vehicle traffic. It is important to remember that these e-scooters are not nearly as fast as cars. They are also much harder to spot than other motor vehicles. Furthermore, drivers don’t know where these e-scooters are going to go because they don’t obey the rules of traffic. This is a serious problem and is leading to numerous accidents that can cause major injuries.

One of the most common injuries that people are suffering is a brain injury. For those who might not know, a traumatic brain injury is diagnosed when someone sustains an impact that leads to temporary or permanent alteration in the way the brain processes information. Some of the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include a loss of consciousness, severe, chronic headaches, numbness and tingling, and even the loss of function of the arms or legs. According to davidboehrerlaw.com, the “physical and emotional injuries could lead to extraordinary medical bills.” Therefore, on top of the major medical issues that someone might face following a brain injury in a scooter accident, he or she might end up with large medical bills as well. This can leave people wondering what they should do and where they can go for assistance.

This highlights one of the major issues related to e-scooters. It is important for everyone who rides these scooters to use extreme caution and to wear a helmet. Finally, everyone who is driving a car also needs to be aware that these scooters are out there, particularly in large cities. If people are aware that these scooters might be on the sidewalks and roads, then serious accidents might be avoided.

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