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Pledge Toward A Positive Future

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The human mind is dominated by two powerful energies; positivity and negativity. Both of them are strong and highly influential. Being mindful of the current trends, it can be said that negativity has been ruling the minds of people all over. The negative thoughts are so deeply embedded in people’s minds that they have found their way to society’s most sensitive aspects, religion.

Over the past few years, one religion that has suffered the most is Islam. Judging an entire fraternity based on the actions of a few flawed personalities is unfair. The followers of Islam all around the world have been facing severe backlash and criticism. Many peace advocates and learned individuals worldwide, who understand the situation better and have a broader perspective, condemn such behavior. Among these is an Indian inter-faith harmony preacher, Rajat Malhotra. He is the International Global Coordinator of the Centre for Peace and Spirituality (CPS). He believes in unity and peace and aspires to see the people of the world perceive Islam as a positive and peaceful religion.

A Different Perspective

Religion has been a sensitive issue for ages. The lack of understanding and knowledge among people regarding religions and their concepts have led to several wars and conflicts. It is sad to say that this has not changed yet. Although the human race has progressed in each sector, it has unfortunately failed to transmute the mindsets of people. Having ill opinions about other religions and speaking harshly about them is still a practice in many first worlds as well as third-world countries. Growing up in a country with diverse religions, Rajat felt the same too.

Although now a preacher of peace, Malhotra initially had similar thoughts. He lived in negative psychology towards Muslims in particular and other faiths in general. He felt as though he was superior compared to followers of other faiths. He grew up in this superiority and never appreciated Christians and hated Muslims. Though he felt strongly about these religions, he never disrespected them. But this negative attitude of Rajat changed for the better when he met Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in 2001.

Knowledge is known to open the gateways of a blocked mind, and it rightly did so. Meeting Maulana Wahiduddin Khan drastically changed Rajat’s outlook about Islam. Maulana changed his negative opinions about other religions to love and respect for the entire humanity. His interfaith journey and mutual respect started only after Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s mentoring. He completed his Master’s degree in Art in Islamic History from Kerala University in 2013. The combination of studying this course and Maulana’s guidance helped Rajat clear all of his misconceptions about Islam. It became clear to him that the religion preached nothing but positivity and peace.  After his joining CPS in 2001, he was inspired to study more and aim for interfaith work, which was also one of the center’s core areas. He then completed his Ph.D. in ‘A Study of the Arabian Society After the Advent of Islam With Specific Reference to the Life of Prophet Muhammad‘ in 2019.

Rajat’s idea about Islam is now very different from the time he joined CPS. According to him, Islam is a code of life that teaches equality, brotherhood, and leading life in a positive manner. Today he actively participates in many interfaith ceremonies and events. He helps people understand that there is no point in hating or having bad intentions for people belonging to other religions.

To educate people more about Islam and clear its tarnished image worldwide, he has been doing a Q&A program with CPS International Founder for more than a decade, which has also been featured in well-known Indian channels such as ETV (Urdu) and Zee Salaam. These programs have helped in clearing misconceptions about Islam and in promoting interfaith harmony.  Rajat also records small videos intending to clear misconceptions about Islam and to promote an objective approach towards different faiths. His efforts to generate a sense of closeness and humanity among people have been covered by reputable Indian news sources such as The Times of India,, Daily Hunt, ANI, etc.

Malhotra’s efforts were not only restricted to India exclusively, but he has also toured internationally with Maulana Wahiduddin Khan to conduct many interfaith programs. Presenting in schools, colleges, and various other learning academies is Rajat’s main focus point. According to him, educating fresh minds is much needed today as they are the future generation, and if their minds can be addressed objectively in a positive way, then the world will change towards a better tomorrow.

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