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Planning a couples’ trip abroad with another couple; Who gets the master bedroom?

A few years ago I went on a couple’s trip to Ambergris Belize with my husband and one of our favorite couples. When planning the trip everyone contributed to their creative ideas, wants, and needs which seemed fairly simple & realistic; however the topic at hand that was never discussed was who gets the master bedroom?

It seems like a pretty fair question but how can you be fair across the board without stepping on anyone’s toes when there is only one master bedroom. We’ve never had this problem before with our favorite couple as we have vacationed  other resorts together.

However, I have since learned when you’re traveling abroad or to any destination that houses one master bedroom some type of discussion should be orchestrated when talking about the resorts, dates, activities, in our case nothing was discussed and we were in for a rude awakening.

patiopool2When we were deciding on our vacation destination as we called it, we all agreed to put down three vacationing spots we would like to visit, do the research of each place we are interested in , and see who can sale the best destination.  Oddly we both had Belize as our destination and Belizean Cove estates as a place we would like to reside at, which made our decision fairly easy.

The reason we selected Belize was because of its massive coral reef, tropical beaches,  historical Mayan sites, and whatever else we could image. However, the reason for selecting the Belizean Cove estates as a place to lay our heads was the seafront villas that was attached to a patio that opened to a seafront private swimming pool, our own cook, taxi boat, bicycles,  and much more that caught our attention as to why we should stay at this particular resort.

As our favorite couple was coming from Miami, and we were coming from Maryland, the excitement grew upon us as we got closer to our destination.  When my husband and I finally  arrived at our home of seven days,  we were greeted or should I say welcomed  by our favorite couple at the door as if it were their place and we were receiving a grand tour.

Still excited and overjoyed since we haven’t seen each other in a few months, that joy immediately turned to mass confusion upon entering the master bedroom which also had a walkout patio to the private pool and jacuzzi. Blindsided we noticed luggage, clothing, and toiletries had all been set in place.

grocerystoreWithout a doubt I knew this was going to be a problem with my husband as he has the same ENTJ (Extraverted iNutitive Thinking Judging) personality as the other two; whereas, my personality is more ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) A person with a ENTJ has a strong outspoken demeanor they tend to be leaders versus a person with ISFP is more-so quiet, laid back and serious at times but dislikes conflicts.

As we continued to tour the villa with pure confusion marked on our forehead, the question was brought up as to how was it decided that they were entitled to the master bedroom, and we get to choose from the other two. Without hesitation, our favorite couple simply said, ‘because they got their first and we could get the master suite the last three days of our stay.’

I knew this wasn’t going to blow over well, and I would hear about it the entire time we were there, so I figure some type of resolution had to be done in order for everyone come out on top. Trying to think logically and unselfishly, I figured that if our favorite couple wants the master bedroom they can do one of two things; pay us a couple of hundred dollars since we got the standard room, or buy all the groceries for the entire trip, shouldn’t be a problem since no one but me knew how far the American dollar would go in Belize.

Well as it turns out our favorite couple decided to buy all the groceries and our dollar on a tourist island rather than a local island didn’t go so far after all. Buying Oreo cookies in the States $2.99 on a tourist island such as Ambergris Belize $10.00 American dollars.

So in essence my husband and I were winning the entire time, selfishly we came out on top, the confusion we once had, was marked with two fist bumps; However when it comes to planning a huge trip with another couple or with our favorite couple, where there is one master bedroom present, creating a lottery will take place to cease all the confusion during  beautiful vacation.

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