Overview of the Safari history, pros, and cons

Of course, the information below is not about an African safari, but about a browser familiar to every user of iPhone and iPad devices. However, knowledge about this tool may be useful even for those who do not use these technical creations of Apple.

Firstly, it is worth noting that the statistics confirm that Safari is the fourth browser by the number of users. It is based on the popular Web Kit engine (the fourth version is on Nitro), which served as a basis for other browsers: Google Chrome, Chromium, and Yandex. This engine, of course, is the most successful due to its speed and stability. Moreover, it also has visual effects, typical for Mac OS.

Let’s Talk About The History

The announcement of a beta version was declared at the Macworld conference on January 7, 2003. After the browser earned recognition from users of the Mac OS, Steve Jobs decided to port it to Windows. On June 11, 2007, the well-known corporation released a test version of Safari 3.0, designed for Windows Vista and XP.

At that time it was damp and unfinished, but the developers took into account the shortcomings. Following that, it quickly began to gain popularity among users of Windows.

 Advantages Of The Browser

First of all, Safari download is launched by default in a fairly compact form. Its window takes only three-quarters of the screen area and adjusts the entire contents of web pages to the window automatically.

It supports multiple tabs simultaneously; searches through built-in tools (Google on Mac OS X, Google or Yahoo on Windows); can block pop-up windows, and synchronize address books on Mac and Windows. For users who want to be incognito on the Internet, a private browsing function has been developed. That is a mode in which cookies are not accepted, the history of visits is not maintained, and the input data (including passwords) is not saved.

Among other positive qualities of Safari free download is the availability of an integrated RSS-aggregator and the ability to scale the input area. In addition, the tool automatically recognizes web pages with non-standard fonts, supports CSS3 and HTML5 standards, integrates QuickTime and has Cover Flow functionality. Other positive features are Snapback, allowing you to return to the original search results, and Web Inspector, allowing developers and users to view DOM web pages.

 Disadvantages Of Safari Browser

In spite of claims on Safari to be the best browser of the modern era, it still has drawbacks, and for some users they are significant. Here they are:

  • unpredictability when opening pages optimized for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer;
  • the slow launch of the browser and the inability to copy the contents of the web page completely.

Should you choose Safari as the main browser? Everyone should answer this question himself. The only thing must be noted at the end is the fact that Safari passes almost all tests with a 100% result, overtaking other famous browsers.