Outrage over GQ is tied to IQ

I did some really deep research today and found out GQ magazine has a little over 600,000 subscribers and about 800,000 readers. In other words, most people, myself included, have never read the magazine or know anyone who does. The only time I ever see it is if I am at an airport looking to find something worth reading on a flight.

So why is it people are up in arms over the magazine selecting Colin Kaepernick as their Citizen of the Year? It’s not like they selected Donald Trump. It’s their magazine, their criteria, and their decision to make which is part of enjoying the freedom to think, speak, and believe as we choose.

Yes, I know, it’s also our freedom to voice our displeasure, but shouldn’t that be left to the people who actually subscribe to the magazine? Why fight their fight when there are actually more pressing matters to get pissed off about.

Here is some more top notch research I have done. Our government, which in case you do not know it, is an extension of us — or we the people — is going to spend over $850 billion dollars on the military this next year. That works out to about $2,575.75 per U.S. citizen. Worse, most citizens won’t think twice about the figure because they get too worked up over important matters like who salutes the flag or whether or not to ban certain citizens from public restrooms.

Most of the crap we get worked up over plays into the hands of our power brokers. The last thing they want you to do is research just what a horrific job they do managing our money we pay in taxes. I am sure people will say I do not support our troops when I question our military budget. Not true. What I question is what are we getting for the money we are spending. Hell, the Navy can’t keep from colliding with ships in the Pacific Ocean. We’re still fighting two wars that show no sign of ever ending. Our president wants to increase the size of our nuclear arsenal tenfold.

All of this is okay, but dammit, who put that black anarchist on a magazine cover, named him man of the year, and rubbed it in our faces dressing him in a black turtleneck with an afro the size of Texas? This has to stop.

Are you GQ hating Americans aware that the president’s oldest son was in contact with Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign? I am sure it was nothing to be up in arms over because what has Wikileaks ever done to make us question our leaders? Donald Jr. probably just confused them with Wikipedia. What GQ should be doing is placing a nice clean cut white man of rich upbringing on their cover for Man of the Year. Why not Junior?

Perhaps Roy Moore should be GQ’s Man of the Year. He is certainly in the running for Groper of the Year. On that front, Colin Kaepernick is nowhere to be seen. Our current president, an ex president or two, a bunch of famous white actors, and a few movie moguls, not to mention millions of average Joes are just beginning to realize their crappy way of treating women is catching up to them. In my eyes, Mr. Kaepernick is a model citizen compared to these human dung beetles.

Here’s a GQ look: Roy Moore waving a gun at a campaign rally (YouTube)

The 800,000 readers of GQ equal about as many people who attend an NFL game every week. Some of these fans think nothing about getting drunk in public, hurling insults and personal attacks at the teams they hate or opposing fans, get into fights in such wonderful places like stadium restrooms, drive home intoxicated, beat their wife because they are pissed the home team lost, and then wake up the next day livid because Colin Kaepernick is GQ’s man of the year.

Our nation is riddled with mass shootings, so much so we have reached the point where we are no longer shocked when they happen. There are as many guns in private hands as there are citizens, many of which are military grade. Guns don’t kill, Colin Kaeprnick supporters do. Why? Because you have to be crazy to support Kaepernick’s right to express his views his way and for a magazine to recognize him as their Man of the Year which makes you a dangerous SOB who should never own a gun. Worse, you probably want to see more restrictions placed on the Second Amendment.

A silly magazine about men’s fashion has just managed to prove this nation is filled with idiots. Who cares who their man of the year is? What worries me is the decreasing IQ of the American citizen who seems to think we are a better nation if we rid ourselves of free speech and only allow what a few mental midgets tell us is okay to believe.

Top photo of Colin Kaepernick by Claudia Gestro