Online tools for calculating compensations for personal injuries 

One of the most popular online tools for calculating compensations for personal injuries is a personal injury calculator. This simple tool allows victims to quickly answer an important question: how much can they claim according to their injuries and losses after an accident?

What types of damages does an online calculator include?

An online personal injury calculator will typically include the following categories of costs that appear after an accident or another event:

  • Medical expenses: the user adds up the medical bills up to that date of recovery;
  • Future medical expenses: any projected additional medical expenses, as told by the treating physician;
  • Lost wages: the income that has been lost up to that date because of the recovery period;
  • Future lost wages: any income that is expected to be fully or partially lost as a result of an altered ability to work after the accident;
  • Property damage: any assets or property damaged in the accident, for example, the car or motorcycle, as well as others.

The accuracy of an online tool for calculating the compensations will be directly influenced by the user’s ability to fill in the amounts as accurately as possible. It is recommended to use this tool after the medical treatment is complete or almost over so that the amount you insert in the calculator is a precise one. Moreover, you should try to estimate the value of future medical expenses with the help of your treating physician.

How is the compensation calculated overall?

The online calculator will include the types of damages that are easily quantifiable, but will not include special damages (the ones for pain and suffering after an accident). Likewise, the calculator will not provide any information on the attorney’s fees or any deductions that may be available, if any.

Victims of personal injury accidents should remember that the circumstances in which the event took place could also influence the final compensation amount. For example, if the victim can also be accused of contributory negligence, then the settlement may be reduced.

An online calculator is a very useful tool for estimating the compensation amount. However, it does not substitute legal advice and does not provide information on the special damages that may be awarded after an accident, especially ones that involve catastrophic injuries. The online tool will make it easier to remember the categories for which you have the right to be compensated and can be very useful for an initial, sufficiently accurate estimate.