Online games that you can play for fun

As of now, we are stuck in this virtual world

where we find ways to connect with people and friends sitting in our homes. Online games are the best way to do this. It not only makes you feel connected to your people but also keeps your mind active throughout the day. Online games can bring out our most competitive side and make for some really fun nights out, but what happens when you’re in separate houses, the last game was a tie and you need to grab the win? Even figuring out how to play old board or card games over video chat can be a difficult situation.

Here we have discovered various games that you can play online and with your friends.

1. UNO

UNO! has always been an iconic card game and now you can play it virtually with your loved ones. It works just like IRL, only you play with virtual cards. Simple. As. That.

2. Online bingo

You might think that Bingo is only for retirement homes, but it’s low-key and a lot of fun. And now, with this online bingo card generator, you can play with your friends while talking on Zoom. It’s completely free and you can have up to 30 (!!!) players. However, if you have a larger group, there is an option to pay an additional 70 cards.

3.Among us

It was definitely a crowd favorite among us during the blocking season last year, but if you haven’t tried it yet, we’re telling you, you should definitely try it with your friends! Although this pandemic was released 3 years ago, it has brought immense popularity among us as a perfect wild game that is actually best NOT played face to face.

4. Scribble

Unleash your inner Picasso! If you’ve been spending all that time at home honing your art skills, it’s time to put them to good use in Skribbl. Or, if your drawing skills are terrible… get ready to make your friends suffer. This free multiplayer drawing and guessing game reminds us of the good old days when we played Pictionary or Draw Something with our own friends.

5. Rummy

Rummy is among the most popular games around the world. It’s easy, fun, and packed with a healthy dose of challenges that will keep you coming back for more. Bringing excitement to your favorite device, it also brings the same gameplay that was previously limited to small groups of friends and families with a digital avatar.

6. Balling pool

We can’t go to real bars anymore, so drinking cheap beer while diving and betting your buddies to sink the 8 ball is off the table. However, there is a virtual version that allows you to compete one-on-one or in eight-player tournaments. You can sign up via Facebook and challenge your friends from the comfort of your sofa.

7. Mario Kart

Before the Playstation, there were Nintendo consoles that many of us used to battle with our siblings. LeagueOne of the best score leveling games was Mario Kart. Now, with this app on your phone, you can challenge seven other players to beat you on this memory lane.

8. Rocket league

Rocket League keeps it simple with a two-word summary: “car soccer.” You control a car on an oversized soccer field with an oversized ball and try to take down opposing teams in five-minute matches. According to Erb, all ages can team up with up to three other friends for casual and ranked online play. You keep getting cool cosmetic skins for your car as you score lots of goals.

9. Minecraft

Up to eight friends can join the online game on different computers and build whatever they can imagine in creative mode, or maybe join in to see how long they can last in survival mode. Minecraft’s construction mechanics tend to turn kids into budding civil engineers. All ages can play Minecraft on Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4.


Online games are fast becoming the most engaging form of entertainment today. Technological advancements and the growing use of the Internet have allowed conventional games to become virtually accessible, greatly increasing their reach and the enjoyment of gaming enthusiasts.

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