One of the most fascinating places – Disko Bay

West of Ilulissat, 300 km north of the Arctic Circle and 600 km north of the capital, splash the waters of Disko Bay, which is perhaps the most famous gulf of Greenland. It is placed between the island of the same name and the coast of the mainland. It is a vast water territory, which is in fact not a bay but a strait. However, the northern part of it is almost all year round blocked by ice, so there is almost no connection with the sea.

This is a real country of icebergs – on the surface of the bay hundreds of ice mountains of all sizes constantly ply. Coastal glaciers slide into the sea at a speed of up to 30 meters per day, which every day gives up to 7 million tons of ice! This enchanting picture of Disko Bay which only exaggerates in the sun in summer makes this place and five towns on its shores one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Tourism in Disko Bay

It is no wonder that these places are often visited by cruise ships and local communities have long developed a certain kind of specialization. The city of Aasiaat, formerly Egedesminde, is known for leather and fur products, as well as its picturesque Old Town. Qasigiannguit has its own museum with a huge collection of relics of the Sakkak period of the settlement of the island by the same name tribes, dating from the 4th century BC to the 3rd century AD.

Kangatsiak is famous for its fishermen and seals rookeries, and Kekertarssuak also known as Gothavn has one of the last whaling flotillas on Earth, the Arctic research station, and the oldest wooden house in Greenland (1734), in which the city museum is now located. In that way, it is evident that Disko Bay is an interesting location not only because of its nature but also as a territory with a rich history.

Nature and Activities in Disko Bay

In the bay, you can enjoy whale watching from a special boat or even a kayak boat. You can book a boat ride among the glaciers and icebergs, year-round excursion on the harness with huskies, as well as many very interesting walking tours. There are numerous places to visit in the Disko Bay, which means that you will never feel bored.

In the Disko Bay area, the weather is very warm as for Greenland, and it can be characterized as a summer one. The temperature sometimes reaches 27 degrees Celsius. Disko Bay is somewhat reminiscent of the glacier lagoon in Iceland. The similarity can be traced both in terms of climate and in terms of landscapes.

It is evident that the nature and the climate of Disko Bay are unique and it is the place that should be visited by any traveler. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that a trip to this land will require certain physical strength. However, the level of the preparation to the cruise allows most people to feel comfortable and safe.