Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon for third time

The 28 year old Serbian, Novak Djokovic, won his third Wimbledon Mens Singles title on Sunday, defeating the Swiss Roger Federer in four sets. Djokovic’s coach, Boris Becker, is a three-time Wimbledon champion as well and Djokovic mention the German from the court after accepting the trophy.

Roger Federer (YouTube)
Roger Federer (YouTube)

Roger Federer is still one the greatest on Wimbledon’s Center Court — he’s won the trophy seven times and had he won the match it would have set a record. American Pete Sampras has also won Wimbledon seven times.

Björn Borg of Sweden won the title five years in a row, from 1976-1980.

The young Serb doesn’t have the opportunity to win a Calendar Grand Slam this year; he lost the French Open to Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland, just over a month ago.

Djokovic has now won 12 Grand Slam events in his career.