Newsflash to Officer Varsin: Hendrex is no angel

LAS VEGAS — Police Officer Cordell Hendrex who told his partner, Officer Elif Varsin and three armed Mandalay Bay security managers to retreat on the night of the October 1 Las Vegas massacre, later received a gift from Varsin who called him an angel.

Hendrex took no action that night to stop Stephen Paddock’s gunfire from killing and wounding Route 91 Music Festival concert-goers, nor did he even attempt to stop, disrupt or distract Paddock; Hendrex cowered on the 31st floor as he listened to the gunfire emanating from the 32nd floor for several minutes, all the while knowing that lives were in jeopardy, including the lives of his fellow police officers.

Hendrex’s wife displays angel gift. (Facebook)

As previously reported by the Baltimore Post-Examiner, Hendrex’s wife posted a YouTube video in October of 2017 where she called her husband a hero. That YouTube video was removed shortly after the story was published.

Further review of the now deleted YouTube video shows Hendrex’s wife holding up a snow globe that she says was given to her husband as a gift by Officer Varsin.

She says, “So she gave Cory this.  It plays Amazing Grace, it has a little thing that says I said a prayer for you. This is where I get choked up. She engraved it, she had it engraved, and it says ‘Hendrex family, angels are often disguised as officers and that day you were ours, thank you.’”

Hendrex, Varsin and the three armed Mandalay Bay security managers were all armed that night.  Hendrex, who is one of the LVMPD’s field training officers failed to act to save lives.  He told his armed contingent to retreat.

Why he is still on active duty and as a field training officer no less is a disgrace.

What is even a bigger disgrace is the silence of his boss, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo who runs the LVMPD?

Hendrex was no angel to those who were being killed and wounded that night and he certainly is no angel to the LVMPD officers who risked their lives running into the gunfire to get into the Mandalay Bay because those officers wanted to get to the shooter.  All the while ‘Angel’ Hendrex was cowering on the 31stfloor while the gunfire continued.

When a police officer doesn’t risk his life to protect the publics back, he should be stripped of his badge and career.

Fox 5 Las Vegas invited Hendrex and other officers to attend one of the Golden Knights hockey games as a thank you for what the LVMPD did that night.

Yes, thank you Hendrex, you made us all proud for what you did that night.  Nothing.  You are a discredit to the badge, the uniform, and your profession.  You weren’t even close to being Vegas Strong that night, you were Vegas Wrong!

And another thank you to the Las Vegas media for covering this up and failing to report all the facts to the public.  You are a credit to your profession.

The media exposed Parkland, Florida school shooting. They didn’t cover it up.

I’m sure the families of the 58 killed that night and the survivors appreciate getting all the facts from the local media.