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New Treasure Discoveries Reveal Old Value Of Gold

It’s well-known that gold has played an important role in civilizations dating back as far as ancient Egypt. But in the ancient world, a lack of access to precious metals meant not every civilization in the world used it as the basis for their currency or exchange. Some early civilizations used cowrie shells as a way to represent debt. The dominance of gold and silver coins was a gradual one in the ancient world, and in fact, largely driven by silver. Gold bullion far less frequently traded hands and as a store of wealth, it was often kept as jewelry rather than coins.

One such example of gold jewelry from the ancient world that’s fascinated archaeologists and historians for decades is the Carambolo Treasure, a series of 21 pieces of gold jewelry discovered in Seville, Spain. The treasure, which is over 2500 years old, comes from an area of Spain that once belonged to the ancient civilization of Tartessos, once associated by ancient historians with the lost civilization of Atlantis.

 The ancient Greeks believed that Tartessos was the first Western civilization and given its location near the Rock of Gibraltar (known to the ancient world as the Pillars of Hercules) it was later thought to be the historical inspiration for the lost city of Atlantis. However, more modern theories of Tartessos contend that it was founded by Phoenicians, a seafaring culture from the eastern Mediterranean that was also responsible for founding ancient Carthage and Barcelona.

More recently, ground-breaking archaeological research on the Carambolo gold has revealed new insights into the Tartessians. The Carambolo gold jewelry is made from gold bullion that was indeed mined locally in Spain, but the jewelry is Phoenician in style. It suggests that Tartessos was a multicultural society where western and eastern Mediterranean people mingled.

Ancient gold is full of secrets about long-gone civilizations. Gold is one of the most durable materials on Earth, which is one reason why it became a universally agreed-upon store of value. Gold’s durability is part of what makes modern gold coins such a sound investment even in the 21stcentury, and likely for millennia to come. If you’re fascinated by ancient gold, you should know that you too can become a gold collector. It may not have been made two thousand years ago, but modern gold coins are easily available online from sources like Silver Gold Bull. There are dozens of different mints and designs to gold coins that will be appreciated by anyone fascinated by the Carambolo Treasure. With a dealer like Silver Gold Bull, you can easily start collecting gold coins from around the world. From 2018 Chinese Gold Pandas to the original 1967 South African Gold Krugerrand, there are tons of gold collectibles available. You can also get free shipping from Silver Gold Bull when you buy online.

 Gold collecting is a hobby that’s both fascinating and profitable. Gold will always be valuable – in fact, the gold coins you buy today will outlast you, your family, even your country. Just ask the Tartessians. Before you go online, learn how to buy gold coins and collectibles that you want to keep in your home. There is plenty of information about purity, coin types, mints, and security available. It’s easy to become a gold collector.

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