New Beatles movie release postponed

The Beatles: The Lost Concert premeire has been postponed,  Screenvision announced in a statement.

The 92-minute documentary details the impact of Beatlemania and includes, in its entirety, their first U.S. concert at D.C.’s Washington Coliseum February 1964. Originally scheduled for May 17 and 22 in New York, the concert will be postponed until late August.

The postponement is the result of last-minute issues with  the documentary’s producers. The distributors said they hope the postponement will allow for a longer theatrical run in late summer 2012.

“It’s regrettable that these issues have caused the cancellation of our planned limited engagement” adds Darryl Schaffer, EVP of Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision. “We are looking forward to their resolution so we can bring ‘The Beatles: The Lost Concert’ to even more Beatles fans and theaters in the U.S.”

Those who purchased advance tickets can obtain a refund through Fandango, or their local exhibitor.

(Feature photo: © Rowland Scherman)