Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the DLC: Losers always lose

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth story in a series about the election.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have led the Democrats to historic ruin. So what has been their reaction?

To immediately confirm they will be hanging on to their leadership positions in Congress of course.

These two losers are classic examples of why faith in democracy is withering across America among hundreds of millions of ordinary people and why approval ratings for Congress are now routinely in single digits.

The scale of the Dems’ wipe out on November 4 was historic, and will reverberate way beyond the next two years.

The Republicans now have their biggest majority in the House of Representatives since 1929 – 1929!

The clock as has been rolled back on social and economic policy in Congress to before the Great Depression.

The lessons of the 2008-9 Wall Street Meltdown after the terrible George W. Bush years have been totally forgotten

The leaders of the Democratic Party stabbed in the back their own leader President Barack Obama, a man who took the party further and with more electoral success than any leader since Lyndon Baines Johnson in the early 1960s. They abandoned the president and called it “leadership.” They refused to defend the genuine achievements of the Obama administration and called this amazing cowardice “courage.”

And then they were surprised when all the cowardly little nonentities they had chosen in their own image across the country went down to ignominious defeat.

Occupy Wall Street in 2011. (Wikipedia)
Occupy Wall Street in 2011. (Wikipedia)

The current party leaders like Pelosi, Reid and Democratic Leadership Committee boss Steve Israel had complacently bet on what they imagined was a new emerging generation of party “super-stars” to take their flickering torch in Congress and stump the nation form positions of youth, confidence and victory.

Except these carefully chosen superstars proved Jonah’s at the polls: They sank their own ships and then they all got swallowed by Republican whales.

Alison Lundergan Grimes was trounced – decisively – by tough, taciturn, immensely experienced and street-smart old Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. No talk of Tea Party-inspired term limits there.  McConnell has sat in the Senate for 30 years and will now preside over it for at least two more and probably all six years of his new term.

Grimes richly deserved her defeat. She never had the simple honesty and courage to say she’d voted for President Obama in 2012. The president’s record in finally bringing in at least a  mangled form of universal health care, rescuing the entire country from financial and economic collapse, restoring manufacturing and getting the unemployment rate down from 11 percent to just over 5 percent was in fact impressive. But she and her fellow “leaders of the future” never had the brains or guts champion it for a second

Yet in the end, Obama wasn’t the deadweight loser: Grimes was. She got less votes than the president did in 2012 in her own state.

Wendy Davis went down in flames in her pitch to become governor of Texas. In truth, the Texas Dems still sleepwalk in dreams about the Golden Days of Gov. Ann Richards, who fell flat in accomplishments and re-electability herself. The Cowboys – or even the Redskins – are more likely to win a Super Bowl before today’s Dems could dream of retaking the governor’s house in Austin.

The Obama's could save Anthony Brown. (Screenshot)
The Obama’s could save Anthony Brown. (Screenshot)

Michelle Nunn went down in flames in Georgia. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown should have had a shoo-in cruise on popular outgoing Gov. Martin O’Malley’s coattails in Maryland. Instead he got bounced. Mike March in Maine went down in flames too.

The Dems were so busy “making a statement” about running women, black and gay candidates because they were women, black and gay that, in their arrogance and stupidity, they never bothered to pick any winners or fighters.

On November 6, the Washington newspaper Politico spelled out the scale of the grassroots eradication of the Dems across the North American continent.

“Republicans will hold 31 of the country’s 50 governorships next year – perhaps 32, if late-counted ballots push Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell ahead of his independent challenger, Bill Walker. They will also hold between 67 and 69 of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers – more than at any point in history, according to the Republican State Leadership Committee.”

The best political newspaper in America also pointed how dire this outcome will be for any Dem dreams of retaking the House, even implementing the wishy-washy Obamacare federal health program.

“Republican gains in 2010 – which came a month before the decennial reapportionment process – put the party in charge of redrawing the congressional and legislative maps in many of these states. That’s allowed Republicans to lock in many of their gains over the subsequent two elections and created historic GOP majorities in the U.S. House and many state legislatures.”

But let us look on the bright side: The “me too” generation of “future leaders” (translation “present cowards”) that the Democratic Leadership Committee, in its fatuous “wisdom” chose were rejected, black and white, male and female, heterosexual and gay, by the American people. They truly are a “lost generation” for the Dems.

That means the Dems will have to rebuild from scratch.

Any change will be an improvement.

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