Moving to Baltimore? Here are 5 things to know before you do

Baltimore certainly has a charm to it that many cities may not. From sports to startups, Baltimore has become home to job seekers in Northeast US. In fact, last year Forbes placed Baltimore as number five for top startup cities. This had much to do with the city’s proximity to Washington D.C., but make no mistake, there have been some major venture capitalist deals coming from this famed city.

If you are planning a move to Baltimore for work, or to start your very own startup, there are some things to know before you do. A bit of Baltimore knowledge can help you transition smoother and assimilate to the exciting and vibrant culture. Let’s take a deeper look.

1. Have a move-in plan before you arrive

Moving anywhere requires a pretty strategic plan, even if you opt to use a moving company that boxes, ships, and unpacks. Having a plan is even more important if you plan on doing everything solo. Unlike the days of old, many people are opting to rent a temporary apartment prior to making a house or condo decision. This requires an even more robust plan, since you will need to put your stuff from the move somewhere secure.

The good news is that there are businesses and online platforms that can make this pretty easy, like Livible for instance. You can get your stuff moved to a storage unit with a few simple swipes and selections via their website and app. Services like these can be good for moving into a new home, or storing household items until you finally decide where you want to hang your hat.

2. Know your surroundings

Baltimore is a great city to live for a number of reasons, but none as great as it being centrally located in the Northeast. Weekends can be pretty fun when you have tons of neighboring states and cities to enjoy on just a tank of gas. You can spend weekends in Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and more. Not to mention the little towns along the way.

3. Research neighborhoods, not the city as a whole

This can be applied to a lot of different large cities, but is more relevant for those planning a move to Baltimore. Baltimore is in towns within a city. One neighborhood can be a lot different than the next, so researching neighborhoods is a must-do for future Baltimoreans.

Since each neighborhood is unique, you can start your search with neighborhoods like Federal Hill, a more trendy young area. Station North Arts District is just as the name entails, all about art. For new families, the Lauraville-Hamilton neighborhood could be a good choice. Do your due diligence and you are sure to find your area of Baltimore.

4. You may grow pretty fond of seafood

Another idiosyncrasy of Baltimore is the food. There is a ton of food to enjoy and plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy said food in. Two foods, in particular, you may grow rather fond of in Baltimore are crabs and oysters. And it’s pretty fresh too! If you’ve always wanted to crack open dozens of crab legs in one sitting with oyster shooters to wash it down, Baltimore is the place for you.

5. Yes, you may want to buy purple for your Sunday’s best

Make no mistake, Baltimore sports fans are intense. And their number one team is the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have won two super bowl championships and have made the playoffs 11 years out of their 23 years in the NFL. Not a bad record, and one of the reasons you may want to wear purple on Sunday.

However, if you are a die-hard fan of another team, like say the New England Patriots, or Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s all right. You can expect a bit of heckling, but know it’s all in good fun. It just may be wise to stay in on Sundays until you make a few friends in Baltimore willing to vouch for you as a new Baltimorean.

When’s your move-in date?

The above five things to know before you move to Baltimore are important and good fun. It is certainly important to do plenty of research, regardless of where you plan on moving. From knowing what to do with your stuff until buying a house to finding the right neighborhood, the above can serve as your quick guide for a smooth transition. Any Baltimore move-in advice? We want to hear from you.