Moving House? Here’s how to Make Sure Your Property Sells Quickly

Selling a house on the open market can at times, be a game of hit and miss. Although unarguably, some people have a lot of success in selling their homes – others struggle. The most difficult part about this, is that the longer the house is actually on the market, the less appealing it becomes for potential buyers, and it ultimately becomes a stale listing. The quicker you sell your property, the more likely you are to sell it for a good price – and of course, the quicker you can move on with your life too. So in this unpredictable market, how can we make sure that we’re selling fast? Well if you follow these tips, you’ll have it taken off your hands in no time.

Try going with a Quick Sale Company

Of course, the most obvious solution to getting a quick house sale tends to be going through a quick sale company such as Ready Steady Sell.

The great thing about using these sorts of companies is how quick, hassle-free, and money-saving they can be. Many of them will offer you a free valuation for your home and can sell your home for cash and have your money with you in as little as seven days. If your case is time-sensitive, for example, if you’ve recently gone through a divorce and need to get rid of a shared property, or more positively you’re emigrating and need rid of your assets – then using a company like this could be a perfectly viable option for you!

Sell at the Right Time

As with most things, there is a right time and a wrong time to sell your home.

Now that’s not to say if you’re not selling in the designated “right time” that it’s not going to work out – houses sell all year round. It’s just if you do want to sell quickly, strategically picking a time of year that’s renowned for real estate popularity could do you a massive favor.

The least popular seasons to buy houses in are Autumn and Winter – and really, it’s unsurprising. Who wants to go through the rigmarole of uprooting and moving their entire lives in the dark, cold weather? Not us, that’s for sure!

Which means the most popular seasons by default are Spring and Summer. Spring automatically makes us all think of new beginnings – so really it makes absolute sense that people like to move at this time of year.

The other time of year selling can work, is early in the new year. Of course, it’s in Winter – but after Christmas, everybody is ready for a clear-out and something new, so if they’re looking to move it’s an ideal time. New year, new house!

Look at the Competition

Assessing similar houses on the market in your area can also help you to sell your home in a shorter timeframe.

Think about it, these houses are your competition – so have a look at how they’re priced. Then, take a look at what they have that you don’t and vice versa. This will help you to realize what the strengths and perhaps weaknesses of your own property are, and will help you to both improve the weaknesses and play to the strengths.

As previously mentioned, by looking at prices, you’ll also be able to make sure yours is priced appropriately for its own section in the market. Likewise, it’s always a good idea to check out similar houses that have sold recently in the area, and take a look at what they sold for. This will give you a realistic idea of the kind of offer you’re likely to get for your house when the time arises.

Advertise the Right Way

Finally, it’s of utmost importance that you’re advertising your home in the right way.

Of course, estate agents will help do some of the work for you – but that’s not to say you can’t do things yourself. If they provide an online listing (which most should), then share this on your social media! It’s free to advertise there, and you never know which of your friends, or even your friends’ friends are looking to move.

Furthermore, for those online listings, make sure the pictures are perfect. Even if you’ve hired a professional to take the photographs, there are things you can do to help along the way too. Tiny details like fresh flowers in the kitchen, or setting the dining table can just give your property the finesse it needs to attract attention.