Mobile Gaming is Advancing, and There is Something for Everyone to Enjoy

Have you ever stopped for a second to take your eyes from your phone while outside? If you do it, you will probably notice that everyone around you is doing something with their smartphones. We use our phones daily, not only to make phone calls and respond to emails but have fun solo or with our friends.

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile games available on iPhone and Android. The genres range from puzzles and arcades to casino games and 3D adventures. What does this tell us? The mass production of games is a result of increasing demand. People want more new games! Mobile gaming is going forward, and there is a game for everyone to enjoy!

Mobile Phones Are Beasts These Days

For mobile gaming to advance to these proportions, the industry had to meet specific technological requirements. It took it a while to do so. Once the manufacturers were able to deliver ultra-fast processors, HD screens, and memory modules in bulks, the mobile revolution exploded.

User experience on mobile phones skipped a few steps, and we were able to use these great looking devices with outstanding performance. Mobile phones are literal beasts these days. Some models are even better than brand laptops and desktop PCs.

Traditional Games Go Mobile

The new technological achievements in both hardware and software fields enabled game developers to deliver outstanding new titles to mobile platforms. It proved to be an efficient way to keep the crowds engaged, downloading, and playing new games every day.

More importantly, the new technologies enabled developers to port some traditional games to mobile, such as Board Kings. It appears that gamers loved the idea of taking a trip down the memory lane. In fact, both Google Play and App Store are flooded with new and traditional games.

Thanks to the super-fast connections, these games support multiplayer options. Mobile has maintained the social aspect of playing traditional games, thus delivering the same experience to players around the world.

All the Thrill of Playing With None of the Loses

If we take a closer look at a specific mobile game niche – casino games, we can see that it is quite popular among gamers. The game developers did an excellent job bringing old brick and mortar casino slots to mobile. The graphics look outstanding, and the sound effects do not fall far behind.

But user experience is not the only factor that contributed to the popularity of casino games such as Poker Heat. The mobile provided everyone with an opportunity to experience the thrill of playing without having to spend a dime.

Many mobile casino-based games enable players to use virtual currency. While this means there is no cash-out because there is no real money involved, mobile casino games are still engaging and exciting. 

Console and PC Inspired Games for Your Phone

When you take a look at today’s mobile games market, one thing becomes obvious – we’ve gone a long way from only being able to play snake and Tetris. As we mentioned earlier, mobile phones are beasts these days. They can run high-end games with quite a long list of technical requirements. 

What if we told you that some phones are more powerful than current generation consoles? They simply are. What’s more interesting is that more and more console and PC inspired games to come to mobile app markets. Moren phones can run them without a single technical hiccup and deliver the same gaming experience plays have while playing them on a PC, Xbox, or Sony Playstation.

The list grows bigger every day. Some of the noteworthy titles include PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA: San Andreas, and many more.


There is one more thing that goes hand in hand with mobile gaming, and it is innovation. Take a moment to look at mobile gaming’s journey and consider all the software and hardware innovations that made it possible. If you are asking yourself what changed the games, the answer is simple – it’s technology. You can read more about it on the following link.

However, the innovation is not only tied to the hardware and software but to game types, user interaction with the device, and multiplayer mods. 

Given the current state of things, it is safe to assume that mobile gaming will continue advancing. Not only are mobile games fun and engaging, but there is also a game for everyone. Whether you want to play Candy Crush type of games or experience the thrill of gaming without investing real cash, mobile can and will deliver.