Michigan Senate Election Hearing: Detroit Had 229 Dead ‘Voters’

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Chris Schornack (seated with his back to the camera) appears before the Michigan Senate Hearing on Election Issues (YouTube screenshot)

LANSING, MI —On Tuesday Dec 1, 2020, the Michigan Senate conducted an open hearing on election issues surrounding the 2020 General Election. The senate committee was particularly interested in hearing from anyone with personal experience or knowledge of irregularities in Wayne County and the city of Detroit.

Below is the testimony of poll challenger Chris Schornack.

Schornack testified that – as an election poll challenger — he was verbally attacked for trying to verify absentee ballots. Schornack also testified that during the initial phase of a post-election investigation of absentee ballots in Detroit, he and a team of volunteers uncovered 2,660 “voters” with invalid address, and 229 “voters” who are in fact deceased. Schornack said he believes that once the investigation is complete the number of deceased “voters” could rise to as many as 1,300.

After presenting his testimony, Schornack answered some questions from Republican State Senator Peter J. Lucido.

The hearing was held at the State Capital in Lansing. The entire hearing may be viewed here.

Schornack: Thank you Chairman McBroom.

I was a pole challenger with the nonpartisan Election Integrity Fund both on Tuesday November 3 and Wednesday November 4. On Tuesday I was a poll challenger for the city of Royal Oak, where only 10 ballots out of the 25,000 ballots were spoiled, and not able to be matched to the QVF qualified voter file or a (unclear) absentee ballot counting board perfectly.

The Chain of Custody was broken at the absentee county board in Detroit.


I watched as hundreds and thousands of ballots came in that poll workers were not able to verify in the QVF nor the paper logbook, yet that ballot was removed from the secret c-sleeve, bunched together with other verified ballots, counted and ran through the high speed tabulators. I have a sworn affidavit of this and attached it to my public statement. I was able to challenge only two of these ballots and get them entered into the electronic record. I attempted to challenge more but the poll workers simply refused, verbally attacked me, and had others do the same.

Since then I volunteered with Guard the Vote!.

Over the last three weeks, Guard the Vote! had over 1000 volunteers painstakingly go through 30,000 of the 172,000 absentee votes in the city of Detroit and found the following results, which I brought with me here.

229 of these 30,000 we went through are deceased.

We have proof of this.

Senator Lucido – you were asking for proof.

2,660 of them?

Invalid addresses, described by vacant lots and burnt down houses.

I have a genuine question: Can someone in this room, tell me how a deceased person can vote?

Nonetheless, at the very lowest levels, if these percentages carry through, this means that of the 172,000 absentee votes in the city of Detroit, 1,300 of them could be deceased – we’re investigating that – another 15,000 could have fraudulent addresses described as living on vacant lots or burnt down houses.

What I can say for sure, and swear to you here today, I can say that overall 8.9% of the 30,000 absentee ballots that we’ve gone through and investigated – just in the city of Detroit – were unqualified fraudulent ballots that should have been spoiled. And again, I have this printed out on the list. It’s available for all of you.

Why should this alarm you? Because this confirms that the city of Detroit poll workers were not properly performing a crucial step of verifying ballots in the qualified voter file; corrupting the whole chain of custody. And despite that, as I’ve sworn in my affidavit – and so have many others – those ballots were in fact counted and ran through the high speed tabulators.

We can prove there is fraud, which should disturb all of us. Isn’t that the officials who are supposed to care and do something about this? They don’t want to even listen to the fraud that we know exists.

I would appeal to everybody’s sense of truth and justice to fair and honest elections – are you listening?

Will you even remember my name in 30 seconds?

Say my name: Chris Schornack! Say my name: Chris Schornack!

I do thank you for your time and I hope for the love of God, truth, and fair elections, that you will take the proper action and void the election in Wayne County.

Chairman McBroom: Thank You. Senator Lucido has a question.

Senator Lucido: Thank you, Chris Schornack. And you know what’s interesting – I grew up with a Schornack family in St Clair Shores, so I appreciate you coming out.

Yeah, you intrigued me. These 30,000 dead people have voted?

Schornack: Not 30,000 dead people. 174,000 absentee ballots were counted in Detroit, and we were starting to go through them. We only got through 30,000 of them, of that 30,000 – 229 of them are deceased.

Lucido: Okay. So now, what have you done to further your investigation? I know you’ve started it. Have you turned any data over to the U.S. Attorney’s office, which is the United States criminal justice system, or to our attorney general? These are the top law enforcement officials of this state. And, and I guess what I’m asking is…

Schornack: Why haven’t I done anything with it?

Lucido: Well, you brought it to the legislature. We are lawmakers; we’re policy people.

At the end of the day, I would love to see some of these things turned over – with a cc to the Oversight Committee – because what we’ve learned is that I know the chairman and the other members of this committee are working real hard to start to look at policy and fashion legislation that will band, bar, and eviscerate(?) all of these concerns.

It’s very tough to do, but at the end of the day, this needs to go to the Attorney General’s office.

If there are people that have died and are voting in the election, that needs to be brought to her attention, as well as the United States Department of Justice, that ensures voting, as well as the respect of our Constitution.

Schornack: I can assure you, that’s going to be done. I stand here representing over 1000 volunteers and they got my word and you know – I’m a husband and a father. I’m volunteering like everybody else behind me. And this is new to me – I’m a hack. But I do know that we’re gonna follow this up and we’re gonna get it to those exact same people.

Lucido: And we appreciate that and I gotta tell you, the concerns that everybody’s sitting in here and outside in the overflow rooms have are genuine, legitimate, but more importantly, they need to be brought to our attention as policymakers – not court off law.

This is not a judge sitting here. He’s a committee chairman – respected in his communities, as we all are ours.

Were elected officials, but we don’t wear robes and we don’t make decisions on what is going on here. But we will listen to it for policy purposes to ensure the sanctity and security of the voting system. Thank you very much Mr. Chris Schornack.

Schornack: Thank you Senator.