Menos Hiras – Tips On Being an Online Freelancer

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Around 5 years ago my buddy Menos Hiras launched his own online business and the success which he found really blew me away and inspired me to try to find the way to make money online. After trying for around 6 months whilst still working a day job, I eventually had enough success to leave that job and follow in my friend’s footsteps in making a living online. Over the last 4 years, I have been a freelancer and I have also hired freelancers and spotted where so many go wrong. With that in mind, I wanted to share some tips for you on how you can be a great freelancer, no matter whether you are writing, designing or managing social media or virtual tasks.


One area where so many go wrong is meeting deadlines and having been a freelancer I understand exactly why this happens. The truth is very simple actually because there is nobody there standing over your shoulder, you feel less pressure on getting things done, and this results in poor time management and late work. As soon as you get a piece of work, you should always aim to get on it right away, or at your earliest possible convenience. Putting work off could see you end up with a backlog to get through, which will lower the quality of your work.

Revenue Streams

One of the main reasons why so many freelancers struggle is that they don’t ensure that they have multiple revenue streams coming in, which means that when the client has no work for them, they stop earning. Even if you have a couple of great clients, there is nothing stopping you from going out there and trying to get more. If you are able to keep pushing and getting more clients, you will not only end up making more money, you will also have some security should one or two f your clients not have any work.

Get Out

Something else that freelancers are guilty of, and I most certainly was, is staying the house all day to work. Because the job involves working online that means that you don’t have to be in any place physically if you don’t want to. Unfortunately however what happens is that you end up staying in the house all day, when it is far better for your mental health and the quality of your work that you go to libraries and cafes to get your work done. Being stuck inside is never a good idea.

Get with The Times

Another very important aspect that freelancers have to ensure is that they keep up with the latest trends or advancements in their field. When you work for a company you get training when things change, but freelancers won’t get that which is why you have to make it your responsibility to ensure that you stay on top of any changes that happen.

Work hard, be kind, make money!