Meet Jennifer Lynne Brooks who has found her niche in the online retail market

There are times when you chance upon a career that never crossed your mind and when you look back, all you know is, it was meant to be! That’s what happened with Jennifer Lynne Brooks, who is a well-known social media and digital entrepreneur.

Her journey as an influencer is nothing but a stroke of luck. In her own words, Jennifer says, “It was social media that found me.” Jennifer took to social media to post images of her children which led to a modeling agency in NYC noticing her. They showed interest in collaborating with Jennifer. Later, she created her own Instagram page to keep an eye on her son, while also posting photos of her youngest son. An increasing number of businesses started to approach her for work and that’s precisely how her journey began.

Jennifer always had an entrepreneurial spark in her mind. She knew she wanted to do something on her own, even in her teens. Once she had children, she wanted to stay home and take care of them, and simultaneously create an alternative income. Her story epitomizes how passion is all you need to succeed in life. Even though she hasn’t completed high school, Jennifer has always been ambitious. Today, she owns a million-dollar business and is a role model to many aspiring professionals in the field!

She believes that social media is a significant tool to help connect with people and grow your business. Jennifer believes that when you find your passion, you must share it with the world. Once you have a strong base, start off by selling one product within your circle. See how people respond and then grow from there! That’s not all – make sure to connect with your fans – they are your best judge!

From taking small steps, Jennifer is now a huge influencer and owns a seven-figure business. Her social media marketing business, International Loops LLC helps brands in striking a balance between paid and organic reach. Her other firms are Kepdit, a drop shopping platform and Travel – Jifu for network marketing. Jennifer has worked with 3000+ clients and has a network of viral Influencers with a reach of more than 500 Million!

What sets her apart from others is how passionate she is about her work! Clients have her personal number and can reach her at any time during the day, since she wants them to grow as fast as they can. Another major factor that contributes to growth is networking. It’s all about meeting amazing people along the way and working in collaboration with them.

She keeps her family close and has a doting husband, Joe Brooks, who she married at the age of 15. They are more of a team and keep growing together! Jennifer also has three adorable children.

This enterprising lady entrepreneur has solid advice for fledgling business owners: Go for it and start right away! She feels it’s a constant win-lose game and you learn as you move forward. It is important to take that leap of faith, along with constant hard work. There are no shortcuts to success and Jennifer’s amazing story is a testament to it!