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Maryland record year: 890 bills passed, 142 already law

At Tuesday’s bill signing, Gov. Larry Hogan shakes hands with House Speaker Michael Busch, as he did with Senate President Mike Miller at the table. Governor’s Office photo

By Len Lazarick

In a record year in which 3,127 bills and joint resolutions were introduced, 890 bills or 28% were passed and 142 have already become laws, most of them (114) in Tuesday’s bill signing.

At the signing ceremony, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan continued to tout bipartisan cooperation and the contrast with Washington inaction, a theme he plans to carry through his reelection campaign in heavily Democratic Maryland.

“The success of our legislative session shows that, unlike the partisan gridlock we see in Washington, here in Annapolis we work together in common sense, bipartisan way to get things done,” Hogan said. “I want to thank the legislature for joining with us to make our schools safer, protect our communities from violent crime, provide tax relief for hardworking Marylanders, ensure our citizens have access to health care and create even more jobs.”

Here is a list of bills signed Tuesday. The most significant statewide measures are on the first two pages, with many local bills at the bottom of the list.

Record number die

While the number of bills and joint resolutions set a record, breaking a record set just last year by 266, the number of bills passed this session did not match last year’s record of 935, according to compilations by the Department of Legislative Services.

That also means that a record number 2,237 bills and resolutions died this session in one way or another, some in the final flurry of last day activity Monday.

There were also 854 bills cross-filed this year, meaning the same version was introduced in the House and Senate, with sponsors in both houses. Of the bills filed this session, 382 had been introduced in previous annual sessions of the legislature.

Final status of bills we covered

Here is the final status of some legislation previously reported on by

Here is a list of the 890 bills passed this session.

Reporter Glynis Kazanjian contributed to this story.

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