Maryland Ranks 8th Among Most Expensive States To Host A Wedding

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

The average cost of a wedding in the US is $24,723. But expect to spend an average of $33,755 for your wedding in Maryland, according to ValuePenguin. In 2017, couples spent an estimated $34,503 per ceremony. Based on a report by the financial news site 24/7 Wall St., the cost of hosting a wedding in Maryland has been increasing steadily from $32,000 in 2013.

Most couples say getting married in the state is all about versatility. You can say “I do” in one of the oldest hotels in the country or host an outdoor ceremony with a great view of Maryland’s beautiful landscapes. Either way, the costs will add up to about $34,000, which is equivalent to 41% of Maryland’s median household income. To make your big day memorable without overspending, you’ll need to find little ways to save on your wedding. Below is what people spend their money on weddings and how you can cut costs.

Reserving The Right Reception Venue

According to The Knot, the average cost of venues in Maryland is $17,965. So, be prepared to spend nearly half of your budget on venue costs. Fortunately, there are ways you can cut venue expenses and still have a memorable ceremony. Consider marrying on a less popular day like Sunday, Thursday, or Friday. Alternatively, marry during off-peak wedding season to land great deals on reception venues. Also, book one venue and make sure to utilize all the resources available.

Major Investments in Wedding Rings

In Maryland, couples spend an average of $3,878 for a wedding ring. However, you don’t need to splurge more than $3,000 if you have a tight budget. You can save money on rings without compromising style and quality by setting a budget. Once you know what you’ll be spending, brainstorm ideas on how you can save for your wedding rings. You can open a savings account or shop early to get good deals. Choosing non-diamond rings and shopping vintage are other ideal ways to cut wedding band expenses.

Photographers to Capture the Wedding

Hiring a wedding photographer is an expense you can’t overlook. You want to make sure all the memorable moments of your big day are captured. In that case, you should budget about $2,600 for wedding photoshoots. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, most photographers offer discounts in exchange for reviews and referrals. 

Wedding expenses can turn the excitement of planning a marriage ceremony into a stressful experience. But that shouldn’t be the case. Take time to research the overall cost of getting married in your dream location. Then set a budget and list down ways to save on wedding rings, venues, decorations, gowns, and vendors.