Marijuana’s Popularity Amongst The US Adults Continues to Grow

Right now, marijuana is having a major moment in the US. With over 1 billion fans across the globe, this plant has managed to dominate the global herb market. Its rising popularity amongst the US adults is not a hidden fact because it is sold in abundance there. Because of the changing legalization state of this plant in the US, many people have come forward and joined the bandwagon. A recent survey tells, around 45% of US adults have tried marijuana at least once in their lives. This means a massive part of the US population is in love with this plant.

However, trying marijuana is different from consuming it every day. Not to forget, this plant is consumed in a plethora of options out there. The reason behind the massive success of marijuana in this country is because it is cheap. Keep in mind, there is enough evidence, which confirms that marijuana has incredible health benefits for the body. This is why many people look up to it as a medicine that can treat several health conditions. Meanwhile, the data from the federal government of the country also confirms, there has been a rise in the number of people using it frequently.

Traditionally, people who were only exposed to marijuana had a plant that could be used for recreational purposes through smoking. Now, there are multiple ways to consume it to enjoy it. Marijuana’s medicinal use is what has compelled many manufacturers to join the bandwagon of this plant. Currently, marijuana is acknowledged as a cash crop in the US because anyone can sell it at a good price. Interestingly, many people have started growing marijuana in their backyards because it is allowed by the state. The current net worth of marijuana is valued at around $73 million, but it is acknowledged as an underrated figure. Experts suggest much of this plant is traded in the black markets as well, which is why it is hard to get an exact figure.

Today, marijuana is infused in food items, beverages, desserts, edibles, snacks, skincare products, and whatnot. This is the main reason why its popularity is skyrocketing in the US. Experts predict marijuana is going to replace several medicines in the future because it has the ability to treat different health conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, skin disorder, cancer, hallucinations, seizures, constipation, arthritis, body pains, etc. This is why many people purchase good quality marijuana seeds from online platforms like This way, they can grow the plant in their gardens and backyards without anyone around knowing.

Luckily, marijuana is cheap, which is why many people can use it as a medicine to treat mild health conditions. Not to forget, conventional medical treatment is expensive in the US, and not everyone can afford it. The increasing trend in the US of marijuana is not just popular amongst the adults but has also encapsulated teenagers. Currently, this plant is being researched for further health benefits, so let’s see what future unfolds for it.


Feature Image by isuru prabath from Pixabay