Mandalay Bay security supervisor told the FBI and LVMPD he heard Stephen’s Paddock’s final single shot from handgun

LAS VEGAS — Mandalay Bay Assistant Security Manager, M. Oelke told FBI Special Agent G. McCamey and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective B. Hodson during his interview on October 11, 2017, that he heard Stephen Paddock’s final single shot.

Oelke was with other officers on the 31stfloor during the time that Paddock was firing into the Route 91 concert venue.

From the transcript of Oelke’s recorded statement:

Oelke: We proceeded into the stairwell and that’s when we heard the final and that was again, another volley to a clip.

Hodson: OK.

Oelke: And then a single shot followed after that.

Hodson: How long a time gap do you think from the last volley of fire to the single shot?

Oelke: Oh, it was probably less than a sec.  I mean, it was like back to back. It’s like the clip emptied and then we heard a single shot.

Hodson: And was that – the sound of gunshot different than…

Oelke: Yes.

Hodson: …the – the one’s previously to that.

Oelke: Yes, sir.

Hodson: And what did that sound to you?

Oelke: To me, it sounded like a handgun.

Hodson: Okay.  Do you recall ever looking at your watch or being able to kinda tell what time it was when this is occurring?

Oelke: No, that was the last- furthest from my – from my mind at the time.