Love and Romance – Free Russian Dating Site for Americans

When it comes to finding love and romance in Russia, they have their own side of things. However, there are some dating sites out there that go beyond the stereotype of “mail order” brides and grooms by providing interaction with users from Russia for Americans, but it’s important to keep in mind some things like time differences, language barriers, and more. Also, if you’re looking for love, you’ll probably have to spend a little for premium memberships on dating sites of course (as with any American ones too), but you aren’t obligated to do so. Here are some free top Russian dating sites for Americans that have made their way into major popularity.

Free Hookups: Russian Cupid

Russian cupid is free when it comes to finding Russian men and women. Just like cupid sites for other countries, this is probably the most popular website when it comes to finding a Russian man or woman. If you can build a relationship on there, then you may find a long-lasting life partner or spouse. It is like the for Russia and has the highest success rate when it comes to people finding their marriages online through the site. And the good thing? Unlike some mail order bride ads, you don’t end up getting in a relationship who doesn’t really love you or who you aren’t really in love with.

Russian Cupid has precise profiles and search capabilities, and you don’t have to go with paid membership just to find love (it may just take longer, as most of the “free” membership users are only there for casual interaction and hookups while those who are looking for serious relationships require paid memberships). The site is also designed to keep you safe and secure at all times, with McCafee and Thawte on their servers, plus your information is safe and guaranteed from fraud (if it happens, it’s the users fault).

Generation Love

Generation Love is another free Russian dating site, but it doesn’t offer quite as many specific genders or nationalities to find love. You can think of this more like a global version of eHarmony, because there are many friendships and relationships that have been successful through the site. The site does have a great deal of security, but the only con that there is really is that there are a lot of scammers who get on the website and try to phish information and steal your identity, so it’s important that you never give out any personal information to anyone. It’s also very user friendly and easy to operate.


When it comes to dating sites, you’re still going to have better luck if you pay for premium memberships, however it’s perfectly feasible and possible to find love and romance as a free user too. Keep in mind that Russian women and men are at least 7 hours away (and at the most 15 hours ahead of our time), and Russia has the most time zones than any country in the world. Don’t let that deter you and enjoy happy browsing for love!